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    Indian Universities- Are they world class?

    In our country, many many universities are there and the government is spending a lot of money on that subject. Central Universities, State universities, Private universities, Deemed universities, so on and so forth. But quantity is Ok. But what about the quality? Except very few like IISc and IITs, all other universities are not finding their place in the list of best 100 Universities or 200 Universities in the world. The government is not getting back any amount from these institutions for the amount they have spent.
    Is it not a matter of concern? The reason behind this may be the negligence of government in primary education. The money what they are spending on these universities, if the use it for Primary education very good schools can be opened and each and every person in this country can get free education up to 10th class. But unfortunately, that is neglected.
    Even the core intellectuals from IISc and IITs are going abroad and settling there. It implies that our money is being used for the betterment of another country.
    The government has to give a serious thought of this aspect. Do you agree with me, members?
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    This is a valuable thread. But before discussion, we must know what is meant by world-class. Indian universities on and average are better than most of the universities of the world. However, very few Indian universities (or educational institutions) can compete with the top level universities of the developed countries. IIMs, IITs, JNU, DU, Jadavpur University, TISS, Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Business, etc. are exceptions.

    But there are various reasons behind it.

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    The higher education system in India includes both private and public universities. Public universities are supported by the Government of India and the state governments, while private universities are mostly supported by various bodies and societies. Universities in India are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), which draws its power from the University Grants Commission Act, 1956.[1] In addition, 15 Professional Councils are established, controlling different aspects of accreditation and coordination.[2]

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    There may be many world class centers in India ( agree with Mr.Partha, we need to know the standards to call it world class). Many things go into making an university world class, offered, 2.facutly 3.campus, 4.infrastructure, 5.research, 6.Academic brilliance, 7.placement of students passing out, 8.Adhrence to guidelines laid down for students, faculty and examination procedures.

    In India there are stark differences between Government and private universities. Barring a few top class national universities, there are many goverment universities that are bogged down by corruption, political ambitions and anything but education. Earlier this year, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU),Belgaum,Karnataka,had no money to pay the staff and for other activities. This is just one example, there may be many universities with similar problems.

    I think there is a wide variation in terms of Research,innovative projects,quality of faculty, transparent examination procedure and overall development of the student. Many universities now in India at least the private sector focus on excellent campus and hostel facilities to attract the affordable students, have tie ups with many foreign universities and exchange programs which are a huge incentive to join the particular college.

    Lastly the caliber of students who get enrolled into these universities are also variable, only the genuinely interested students with sound knowledge for their qualification levels would stand up to the standards required of a world class university.

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    My idea about a world class university should have the following points,
    1. How much foreign Exchange , the university is earning from attracting students from foreign countries.
    2.How many students of the institute are competing with international students in securing scientific and Indistrial organisations abroad.(Please don't consider IT jobs).
    3.How many foreign countries are looking at the institute for awarding a project.
    4.How many industries are giving technology charges to the university for getting Technology.
    5 . Is the University sustaining on its own earnings without depending on the government funding.

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    Agree with you Dr.Rao on the number of people being able to succeed in getting employment in the international arena after qualifying from the 'world-class' university. Self-sufficiency may be relative criteria because it's often not possible to run the universities at least in the early years without Government grants.

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    Government is spending huge money on IITs, NITs, IIMs and AIIMS. The maximum pass-outs go abroad to earn big money. Government do not have any policy to curb this problem. These all pass-outs must serve the nation but govt. is not able to provide employment to them. Due to reservation system talent-drain is going on. It is not a single party guilty but both are equally. Government should cut the subsidy. Let people should spend by taking education loan and repay on employment.
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    There is a National Accreditation Committee which goes into the details of every University and colleges across the country and rates them. Only recently Osmania University in Hyderabad got the National recognition and eventually even the world would recognize it. There is a foreign students faculty and separate hostels for them. That proves that foreign students are having faith in Indian Universities and that is the fact. But the thing is that the Universities wont advertise like what the private Universities does and rake the moolah. Nevertheless our Universities are the best than others.
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