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    Reality shows - how they are gaining importance among us

    Reality shows , I do not know if these type of shows were there in the earlier times, when we were very small, but these days, they are impacting us deeply.
    We are already living in this huge world of competition, where everybody wants to excel, everybody wants to be supreme and the best among others. In such scenario, are they making some change in our mind. Whenever I watch any reality show, be it 'KBC', be it 'The Super Dancer', or 'Indian Idol', we always keep wishing, that "Oh, wish we could have also been good in IQ or dance or singing or drama or comedy, so we could also have got a chance to be in television atleast once in life." These type of imaginary thoughts keep mingling in our minds. But it feels, as if they are creating an impact of going to the television once. In KBC, some people love to meet Amitabh Bacchchan , so they try to be their once. Some people have love for singing and dancing, so when they see those little kids dancing beautifully on the television and describing their hard lived life to the whole world, how their parents struggled to teach them or how they themselves learnt it. It seems like making a unique difference to our thoughts. We even think, if these little ones can do, why can't we?
    We even see people who have artificial legs and they dance to their best effort. Since I have love for dancing, I keep watching some dance shows, and it makes me feel how people actually struggle to get through what they really want and want to achieve, what they are passionate about.
    I think these reality shows give a sense of motivation to do what you love to do. Keep maintaining your will power to work for it and have it in your hands, till your efforts do not die.
    An urge to go to television is a secondary thing, but you see a lot of change, when you try to match up to those people's thoughts, what they say standing on the stage in a reality show in the television.
    What opinions do you have on this one?
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    According to my understanding goes. a reality show can be seen in two ways. One with the sheer notion of entertainment and other with the aim to become something like that as shown in the act. I am not going to write on the first view, but certainly those who want to have some impact through reality shows must have the courage and grit to go in that direction. In the recently concluded Dance Plus show one of contestant who was not even selected for the earlier shows has not lost his hope and kept on trying with different styles and this time he was not only selected but also made to the top 4 contestants and that was great progress. One thing is sure luck and more understanding of the program is must to participate and be a winner there. Once in a reality show, the life would change drastically for any one and that is for sure.
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    It is true that when we see these shows on TV we all also feel that we have missed a chance. During my students days, during Vinayaka Chavithi festival celebrations, many cultural programs were being organised in the nights.
    Like Dramas, mono actions, music concerts, dance programmes etc. I used to make a point to attend those programmes every day in our village. I love music, I used to go to the musical concerts definitely. But because of our family problems and financial conditions, I could not learn that. Those days the chances are very less. Talent available also can't be exhibited because of fewer avenues. These days many Channels and everybody is getting a chance to expose their talent someway or other. That way the TV channels are giving a very good exposure to the hidden talent which is motivating the people to develop their skills and exhibit.

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    Most reality shows are good-natured for the community at large. It gives a chance for the common man to take the centre stage to present their skill and talent. This is something amazing as they would never get a chance to do so if they have to go through the regular channels to present their acting or singing skills.

    When you young and old, men and women coming forward to perform on the stage it's magical, often the exuberance rubs on to the people watching these shows. It makes us forget our worries and sadness for a few minutes since it is the common man or children like you and me or our kids, it gives a great boost to your enthusiasm that yes we can do it. This is far better than watching serials delay with affairs, devious thinking etc.

    For many, the reality TV shows are launching pads for careers to take off. It's like a fast-track progress and a reward for their hard work that so far was unnoticed.

    Sometimes these shows go overboard when they start focussing on complex interactions between human beings, alternate lifestyles and their likes and dislikes.

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    Yes, during the recent past reality shows are gaining importance among the people. In a way I support such shows as it gives an opportunity to many talented people to showcase their talents. Many young singers have come up through reality shows. The fame they get from these shows are of great value that it helps them to build up their career. I agree with the author, I too have felt many times to be a part of 'KBC'. Whenever I watch the show, I try to answer the questions on my own and whenever my answers are right I feel, I should have participated.

    'The Super Dancer' is an excellent reality show. Many a times I have been shocked by the performances of the contestants. Brilliant performers they are. If they wouldn't have got such a wonderful platform, they wouldn't have been known to us. There might be some flaws for reality shows, but I feel we can ignore it as long as many talented people are benefiting from these shows.

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    Yes, I agree with everyone, this matches to my opinion. Reality shows serve as a great platform to showcase talents, which is sometimes difficult for a lot many people to think. Thank you all for the responses.
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    Yes, reality shows are one of the best platforms to introduce your self, and it is the first step to set your career....

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