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    Are we slaves of our habits (either good or bad)?

    In normal cases, we address the bad habits as addiction but what about good habits? Is it always good to follow your good habits?
    I have seen some cases very recently about addiction of good habits which made me writing this thread.
    Yesterday, when I was at bus stop waiting for the school bus, one lady was talking on mobile and she was saying, "Yaar, I am not feeling well because I could not go for morning walk today due to heavy raining. From tomorrow, I will definitely go even if its rains. My whole day goes bad without Morning walk". So, if you will fell sick due to your morning walk even in rains that is of lesser priority, isn't it?
    Another instance was with the father in law of my neighbor. They stay in Rajasthan and came to stay with their newly married son and daughter in law for few days. When they arrived, same day their daughter in law knocked my door and was asking for juicer. My juicer was not functional and that made her tensed like anything. When I asked her the reason, she said, "My father in law is having a habit of drinking bottle gourd juice empty stomach every day. Although it is not prescribed by doctor but now it has become his habit. He says that he will not feel well and comfortable if he will not drink that juice. So I need juicer urgently."
    My opinion says that we should have some flexibility in following our habits or else we will definitely become slaves of our habits.
    Share your views.
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    True. Habits are hard to die. We can't leave the habits easily. They may be good habits or bad habits. If they are bad habits people advise us to leave them and someday or other we may also think of leaving those habits as repeatedly we receive advises from others to leave that. But good habits, nobody will advise you to leave. So you will never think of stopping them and you will become a slave to those habits. But we should be flexible sometimes. When there are other important issues we may have to stop doing certain things. We should not feel bad for that. But out of laziness, we should not stop our good habits.
    Pandavas after 13 years of Aranayavasam, decided to join Virat Raju's kingdom in disguise. First Dharmaraju went to Virat Raju as Kankubhattuu. Dressed like a saint and joined there. The King questioned him, you are appearing like a saint but why those dice? The reply given by Dharmaraju is Unique. He says my life is entirely changed because of these items only. My wealth position is changed because of these only. My way of living entirely changed because of dice only. Even I had all the difficulties, I am not able to leave them. He finally says, " Habit is also a disease."

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    It is very difficult to overcome habits. Haibits are ingrained in our physical system and habits can be good or bad. So elders tell us to nurture good habits.
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    Yes we are slaves of habits which are deeply involved with our daily routines. If you have a closer look at the word Habit, it will remain even if you remove the letter H, a bit will remain, like wise if you remove the letter a, bit will remain, like wise if you remove even the letter B, IT will remain. So habits wont die and it will stay for ever. It may be good habit or the bad habit. One thing is sure, it all depends on how we allow the habits to enter our life. If we are serious we may not go for smoking which a habit for many, like wise getting to drinks is also a habit to which many are not addict.
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    Excellent thread, human beings are creatures of habit and in fact, many people under stress or due to commit or have already committed a major mistake knowingly are given away by a change in their habits and it's pattern.

    For instance, a simple example, if someone who is a religious coffee addict and they have not had their cup of their regular coffee, they feel different and everyone around can make out that something is out of place. The same goes for our favourite newspaper, our favourite pillow etc.

    It is difficult to give up our habits as we have acquired them over a period of years and they, in fact, become an extension of our personality. If we see documentaries or movies about witness protection program, one of the first things done is make a list of their habits and peculiarities and ensuring that it is not repeated. This means that a set of habits are often unique to each one and can give us away.

    Yes, we can change if we understand the negative implications of a particular habit but it would take some time and lots of motivation.

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    It is very very true though I will prefer the word 'following' in place of 'slaves'. Slaves is a bit literary.

    Anyway you have reminded all of us that our habits dominate us and we unknowing go on doing things as per our habits and resist any change imposed on us.

    This is a fact of life. It is in fact the cost of convenience we are paying by simply following our habits. Once habits are formed it is very very difficult to change them. Many times our habits are the cause of our sorrows.

    In young age it does not matter but when one becomes old every one starts criticising those habits specially the bad ones. Life becomes miserable when people start pointing out those negative things.

    So inculcating less number of habits and that also good habits should be our objective. It is difficult but not impossible.

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    About the habits a famous writer A.G.Gardiner writes well in the heading 'On Habits'. He gave many incidents about habits good and bad. As wrote by the author of this posting the habits are of good and bad but we have to manage our habits otherwise we will suffer. I am very much suffering from the habit of taking coffee in the morning immediately after brushing the teeth. If I cannot have coffee one day on any reason my total mood. I am trying to manage now.

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    I agree with the author. We should be flexible and be adaptable. We can't be adamant to follow all our habits everywhere. Situations might change and is not predictable, hence we need to prepare ourselves to adjust to all the situations. I know many people who get a headache if they do not drink a coffee. It is a kind of addiction. Similarly the lady mentioned by the author is addicted to morning walking and so is the father in law. It is always good to have good habits but make sure you are not getting addicted to it.
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