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    Have you done your good deed yesterday or today? Check it out!

    Do you help someone in your daily life? May be for a piece of bread or in crossing the road! Do you see God in all the good you do (which are actually good) ? Share and check it out here in this thread.

    Every day at work, at home or during travel, we do many things for ourselves, our demands of the job or our families. Some of them are mandatory, some unnecessary and some even against our conscience.

    What makes us go into the good books of the Almighty is helping someone, not harming someone and performing good deeds; big or small does not matter.

    What would be on your list of good deeds, what have done today to qualify as good deeds? Many motivational speakers stress on 'good deed doing'. Does it really have a place in this largely materialistic world.
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    A wonderful post. Actually yes, we knowingly or unknowingly does some deeds which might be of help to others. It is a nice gesture from our part to help others. Do good to others so as someone will do good to you. But we might not be able to do good to others and help others always, at least whenever time and health permits, we should come forward to help others.

    Your post made me have a look at my day today and made me think of my deeds. I helped my colleague who was struggling with backlogs. Even though it was not part of my job I felt for her when I saw her struggling. I kept aside few unimportant work of mine and spend time with her to sort things out. She actually told me 'God will bless you'. Her words made me feel glad as I didn't expect anything in return from her.

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    What are good deeds, There are many deeds which can be qualified as good deeds. Daily worshipping God or doing Pranayama is a good deed. Donating some money to a beggar and helping a man to do some task is also a good deed. Finally not doing a bad deed may also be considered as a good deed. If we look back the day just before sleeping on the bed if you just spend a few seconds for reviewing the day, the first thing that comes to your mind is the best deed of the day.
    somedays we may do good deeds. Somedays we may not be doing. But not to doing any bad deeds at any time is the necessity of the day. Today a friend of my wife came to our house.We have given her a book on Ramayanam costing Rs.500/- as a gift. She is very happy and shown her interest in reading the epics. I don't know whether you will call is a good deed or not, I felt very happy. Today I have gifted Rs,200/- to the sweeper in my office for Deepavali festival. This may be also a good deed.
    We should always do some good deeds so that our next generation in our family will lead a happy life.

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    #611563: Glad that you helped your colleague, this is what I was hoping, little deeds that help someone that makes them genuinely feel happy and more importantly nothing in return for you.
    #611567: Certainly Dr.Rao, all those are good deeds - Ramayanam for a person who's interested in it, gifting the office staff to whom that 200.00 would mean a lot for the festival.
    Let's see what others have to share.

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    To be very sincere and frank, Yesterday(11.10.2017) I was travelling from Bengaluru to Tirunelveli by Bengaluru - Nagercoil express. I was allotted a lower berth. When the train reached Hosur, a middle aged good looking fat lady boarded the train and sat opposite to me. She said that she has been allotted an upper berth and will not be able to climb up and wanted to have a middle or lower berth. As the other passengers were old enough to be in their own allotted berth, I told that lady that I would exchange my berth for her. She was quite happy. This is what the good I have done yesterday. Today I am at home and helpless to help someone, but I wrote chapter 11 for ISC to earn revenue. I don't know what will be tomorrow.
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    What is a good deed? One need to think about it from the perspective of the receiver. What good it would be if I buy a plate of Kentucky fried chicken for a person who cannot chew and enjoy the same? So, according to me, a good deed becomes a good deed only when the person on the other end feels so.

    But then there can indeed be instances where you stand up for a particular ideology or thought and feel that you have done your bit for the general good. For example, I had an encounter with a lady as I was travelling by bus yesterday. She asked two school boys, carrying their school bags, to vacate the seats reserved for women. I questioned her and told her that she should be aware of two things; firstly, they are school going kids and secondly that they took that seat because women have occupied the seats meant for others. The boys did get up as was 'ordered' by her but was she right in doing so? My irritation arose out of the fact that I am yet to see a lady vacating her seat for a lady who is pregnant or old or is carrying a child. I think I made it a point to her that what she was doing was not right and that, I think, was a good deed when considered generally.

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    I am not taking out my car from the past three months. The car is in good shape. I am doing immense service and good work to the humanity by not contributing to the pollution and subsequent health hazards to the people.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Good thread from the author. Those who are God fearing and has some love and affection for others would certainly do some good deeds if not daily but some times. What I presume that while helping or reaching out to others, we should not make others known that you are doing some good deed. Let the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. That means even the donee should not know who was the donor is. Such should be secret of doing good deeds. If one succeeds that way he is the best person in this world. I have seen in some temples where in those who donated the fans for the temples have written their names in each and every wings of the fan as if the donation is going to live for ages. Moreover those who earn more only would donate. And for that purpose there cannot be advertisement and bill boards,
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    This happened last week when I went to railway station to see off my relative. It is a newly constructed railway station and has no fencing or gate. The Electricity board have dug the entire fencing area, and people were crossing it with great risk. It is slippery during rainy days. I too crossed it. Then I saw a gentleman with his pant, shirt and shoes struggling to lift a stone and place it there. I said,"Why are you doing this? Why can't you use the other side where you can cross easily? He said," If I construct a small bridge here, all can cross easily." I was impressed. I too joined him to get the stones lying here and there to construct a small bridge(passage) to help the passengers crossing that area. His shoes became muddy. I called him home to get his shoes cleaned. He refused and asked me to join for a tea in the nearby tea shop. We exchanged our personal details. He is from Hyderabad settled in Bengaluru. He is my friend now. A good deed fetched me a good friend. During the course of our tea, I told him about ISC.
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