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    What matters the most - happiness or money?

    We say we should live a life of satisfaction and happiness. The inner happiness is something we should think about. But, there is something that makes me think, the existence of money. Just a small piece of paper, cut in a rectangular shape and a picture of Mahatma Gandhi applied on it, it gives so much value to it. This seems so peculiar, just think about it. A coin, dark greyish in color, a leaf printed on it. Currencies are little things, but play a very important role in our life. It sometimes made me think, who invented money, this little piece of paper- that changed its value immensely.
    Now coming to the point, we are living in a world, where money is necessary, life is just not possible without it. We will be poor and like useless species if we do not have it. We will consider ourself to be purposeless species if we have no money, ultimately we will have no happiness. Does it matter so much to all of us? Does money gives us real happiness and satisfaction if not directly but indirectly?

    We do not notice it, but it is the reality. We see it as not the reason for happiness, but it is. If we do not have money, we cannot buy things that we need in our daily life. That could make us go crazy and we could even get irritated.
    If we talk about the people below poverty line,the poor people, they do not have things that they need to live a normal life. They do not get the basic food most of the time, they do not have clothes to wear and cover themselves. Yet those people seem contented with whatever they possess. Those people cannot educate their family. Yet they try ways to have books to study. Though they know it is not possible for them , because they do not have money.
    We have money and a life above normal, still we get sad at times, cursing our luck and that we do not have enough money. Why cannot we have that contentment in ourselves? It makes me think at times, why God is so mean that he does not give a happy life to the poor,? And why even we people lack that contentment and consider money as the source of happiness. Or is it the case that we are being brought up with such an attitude? Why cannot we find that happiness lies in us. Is it necessary that to live a happy life we need money? If yes, then why do not we accept what we have, and why we keep craving for more?
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    Ofcourse happiness. Even though at times money is needed to be happy.
    We make money and we create happiness. I feel making money is easier than creating happiness so definitely happiness matters the most. Also when we are happy, we will have the mood to work and thereby make money. On the other hand what is the use if we have loads of money and no happiness in life.

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    Money is the most important thing in life for sustaining financial stability and livelihood but it is not the everything. There are people who are very rich but they can not sleep without taking sleeping pill or other formulations and their life is miserable as they are seen most of the times with psychiatrists or other mental consultants. So what is required is mental peace and happiness which only comes with good virtues and getting satisfied and happy with what you have already achieved and to strive and do efforts for other goals and objectives in life.

    Satisfaction and enjoying what you have already have in your pockets is the key to happiness. Weeping and repenting on past mistakes will only make the life more miserable.

    If you see in depth - life is not in our control. There are number of factors, situations and circumstances which shape our destiny and if one feels that he has done something it is a false notion. You could do it because there were many factors which were in your side to get you the desired result. There are wonderfully knowledgeable people who miserably fail in their life and totally financially torn out. Will you say they did mistakes? It will be not fair to say like this.

    In war and fights between the countries people are displaced to new unknown and unfriendly locations and are at the mercy of local governments and become helpless and poor with a single stroke of luck. If you interact with them you will find that some of them are still happy and not fed up with their life rather their eyes will be glowing with new hopes. So happiness is a mind set and it has nothing to do with the riches a person has.

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    The term happiness means different things to different people. It is not the same for all. Happiness even without money is only possible in an idealistic world. In the practical world, Money is as important or even more important than happiness. Money can give happiness but happiness cannot give money that is essential in day to day life until we die.
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    For me happiness and inner satisfaction matters the most. Money can be earned and spent. With money we cannot buy the happiness nor inner satisfaction. What we do should bring the best of us. That dedication will pave way for concrete and real action. And that result would give us immense satisfaction . Many may advise us to do the work differently, but we get to work with our way of style and working and that would give the real satisfaction and happiness. Like a small child who does every thing on his own during learning process and gets elated over the success , same is the case is every one.
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    Happiness and money, they are two different things. If somebody thinks money can bring happiness, I don't believe.Of course, people say we can buy happiness with money. But opinion is different. Going and watching a movie will bring us happiness. We purchase a ticket with money. So money brought us happiness. There are people who purchase a ticket, sit in the hall and Start thinking about some problem. Are they really happy? No. There are trying to be happy.Happiness will be a state of mind where we will forget all our problems and feel very relaxed. A beggar will feel happy when he had good food and be enjoying a smoke on a roadside. He is really happy. No worries. He has no thought about tomorrow. An industrialist was sitting in a 5-star hotel and taking food there and thinking about tomorrow's export from his Organisation. He is thinking whether the material will be ready by tomorrow or not? From the side, his wife is telling him. Please eat. Is this man happy in the AC room of a 5-star hotel with his beautiful wife on the side? NO. Now I say the beggar is content with what he had. But the other is still not content, still, he wants to get more money by business. Then who is happy The beggar. The main point for happiness is not your AC bedroom, crores of rupees in the bank, a beautiful wife and disciplined children, but your contentment will get you happiness. So be content and be happy. Money is having its importance up to a certain extent only. Afterwards, it is not useful for you.
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    Howsoever we say that happiness is needed to live a contented life. I agree to it, but it is the sense of money and financial stability too that matters to all. I will not say that money gives happiness, but if we think broadly, it gives us all necessary sources that we need to live a normal life. The way of living that we have adopted today, we cannot think even a single day without money, am I right ? I have heard people love to be a part of your happy times, but they rarely come to help you and share your sad moments with you.
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    Money should always follow happiness with a touch of reality. It's ideal to be happy and contended with what we have or don't have but that should be taken with a pinch of reality. The reality is the world we live in, we need money, even to answer your thread I need money to pay for the electric bills, EMI for the computer and the internet charges. So let's not be so naive that happiness is all that matters.

    In my view happiness followed by money enough to have a modest life with self-respect and intergity is very important. The problem comes when people start doing anything for the sake of money. Thinking of the most common to the henious sins or crimes, man has done it for the sake of money. Be it lying, cheating, misuse of trust, stabbing in the back and taking a human life, man has committed the crime and he or she is one among us.

    When one goes behind money with a ruthless mind, extreme ambition, greed and a devious mentality, then money comes but human values leave. If everyone chose happiness alone, then the poor wouldn't exist, there are people whose fortunes are more than the GDP of some countries in the world but still the richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. So, let's be realistically look for happiness and also focus on having some money with us so that we can survive in this materialistic world.

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