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    Let's learn about our neighbours: Now comes Bhutan

    After Nepal, it's now turn of Bhutan. Frankly speaking, we know very little about this beautiful country and its happy people. Yes, Bhutanese are at the top of the Happiness Index of the world. Let's learn some amazing facts about Bhutan and its people.

    (a) Bhutan means 'Land of Thunder Dragons'. This is due to the fierce Himalayan storms which are witnessed in this country.
    (b) Bhutan was recognised by the United Nations only in 1974.
    (c) As per Bhutanese Constitution, the citizens are under obligation to protect the environment. Killing of highly endangered black-necked crane may cause life imprisonment.
    (d) Bhutan's capital Thimpu has no traffic light.
    (e) Smokers don't like it and non-smokers are delighted about it! Bhutan is the only country where sale of tobacco is banned.
    (f) Bhutan is the last country to introduce television and internet. These were allowed only in 2005.
    (g) Bhutan's national sport is a special type of archery in which players participate wearing national costume.
    (h) Bhutan's national animal is Takin (burdorcas taxicolor), which is itself a very unusual animal.
    (i) Gankhar Puensum is the highest peak of Bhutan. It is also the highest mountain which people have not yet climbed.
    (j) Every citizen of Bhutan has only one official birthday, i.e., 1st January. Officially people become one year older on this date.

    Have you ever visited this beautiful land and its happy people? Do visit Bhutan. Indians don't require visa to visit this wonderful country.
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    A very nice capsule on Bhutan and its ways of living. No doubt it is a small but wonderful country and for India it is a strategic area.

    We have good relations with Bhutan and in coming times it is hoped that these will further strengthened. Bhutan is a country of hilly landscapes and breath taking panoramic views. It is a great location for travelers who want to explore the nature at its best. It has a monarchical system but their concern for people is much more than even in the developed countries.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this great information in the forum so that it is beneficial to so many members at the same time and special appreciation for presenting it in such a precise and concise format.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Wow what a nice compilation of facts and truth about Bhutan which was informative and educative. What I liked that there is ban on tobacco and there are no traffic lights which amazing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am hearing first time that there is a country where tobacco is banned. Delighted to know this. People are lucky there. They need not worry about cancer because of the smoking habit of the neighbour. What about alcohol? It was not mentioned. Very good information about Bhutan. Another point I loved is there are no traffic lights in its capital. What a wonder? Are the people so disciplined? People from our cities should go and settle there> Then not only traffic lights, Traffic police and going to the side of the road with the traffic rule violater to settle the issue will also start. Very good information by the author.
    always confident

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    Dr. Rao: Like all other mountain areas, alcohol is easily and freely available in Bhutan. Two red wines, viz., Takin and Raven are well-known. Raven vodka is also famous.
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    Lovely write-up sure will make many of us think of visiting Bhutan. Amazed at the unique facts ( no tobacco, no traffic light, late introduction of TV) that would be unthinkable in India.

    Bhutan has a unique way of measuring itself, only one among the world - GNH, Gross national happiness - materialistic and spiritual well being of people is used as a measure like GDP used by other nations.

    I think, given the small size, relative isolation or insulation to the so-called urbanisation till recently and the people's civic awareness would have helped Bhutan a long way to be a dreamland. I only hope that it too does not follow the path of downtrend in the name of globalisation.

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    To me, the most astonishing fact is that Gankhar Puensum, the highest peak of Bhutan, is still unconquered. Who knows why? Has the Bhutan Government banned mountaineering in the region?
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    The last fact sounds kind of unreal.
    It's not very feasible after all right?
    All cannot be of the same age and is there no concept of birthdays here?

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: In Government of India, 1st July is the most important date. The seniority of every Government employee is calculated on this date of every year. The vacancy is calculated on that date. The increment date of all employees (except some exceptions) is 1st July.

    I think that Royal Government of Bhutan has extended this concept to all citizens. The age of all citizens is calculated on 1st January, i.e., official birthday (not birth-year) of all citizens is 1st January,

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I loved to read it. What I liked is the No traffic light and No tobacco sale. What I didn't like is the Date of Birth 1 January for all.
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