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    Why the urban people get annoyed even for a small setback in their daily routine ?

    Those who are living in urban areas or the big cities wants every thing happen to them in time and cannot tolerate postponement nor snags in their daily work which may hamper their routines. For example if the two wheeler wont get started they get annoyed and yell at the house holds . Like wise if the car gets some problem and stop middle of the way they get irritated and annoyed at the family. Why we are not keeping ourselves composed. Why we are not allowing the problems to settle down with our timely action ?
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    In the urban majority of the people will have to attend their works in time and finish of day's work by the evening. So they have to make a plan and follow that. If there is a discrepancy or delay in the initial stage itself their whole day will get bogged out. That is the reason why they are so much upset for anything unwanted happening. But I don't understand why they have to show that unhappiness on family members? How are they responsible? This point I am not able to understand. If the lunch box is not coming in time you can be angry at your wife. If your son used to use your bike and make the tank empty and in the morning you have to go for filing, Then you can be unhappy with your son. But for car breakdown and scooter problem how they are responsible. Still, i fail to understand. Sometimes I also faced this type of problems. But I never showed my anger on my family. We have to make an alternative arrangement at the earliest and go for the work. This is what we should do.
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    A very interesting and peculiar issue raised by the author. Urban people are actually habitual of a fixed time table and their jobs are also generally secured and rewarding and they are in most of the cases contended with their life and do not want any disturbance. Any change in their schedule or expectations will irritate them. Ups and downs will shatter them.

    Frankly speaking urban people are in general impatient. They want to cross the crossings before the traffic light turns red and for that they take life threatening risk. They will chit chat with their friends for hours till late in the night but return to their houses in full speed of their cars making the life of other people risky.

    The urban behavior sometimes reflects the arrogance and frustration of this category of people though all urbanites might not behave that way.

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    Life styles are different in cities and villages. It is because people in cities are there just because they are working in certain work places where they have to reach in time. In villages only a few people are having such situations. Additionally because of availability of more transportation facilities in cities they stay away and opt to travel in public transports. The time schedule of buses make them hurry. They get less time to stay in their homes. Hence they are forced to do their household works within a short time. This is applicable to both men and women.
    The types of works also help to create the difference. For example agriculture related works are not asking anybody to do in a fixed time. Also a delay might not do any harm. These differences are the major cause for the different behavioural moods.


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    In urban areas, people hardly listen anything. It has become their nature to be stiff on everything. So, they get angry very quickly. It is completely because of the way people survive here. The life style they have been, makes them like this. Patience is something that people lack a lot. While it is not the case with everyone, but most of the people carry such a behavior.
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    It is because of just lack of experience through the elders. Youngsters are not properly guided by the elders. people in the houses are not aware about their own house practices. Urban peoples are, I am seeing daily got tension even if the regular bus came by 5 minutes late. They are not giving relaxation of time for others even for a minute. Everybody wants others should come in time that too by the time they are expecting. Many people lack in listening others also but they also give information half handed. If we are waiting for a particular bus, they treated us as fool person wasting time. This is indicating nothing but the lack of patience in them.

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