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    No Arguments, only discussions are preferred.

    Generally, we will be attending meetings in our professional life. In those meetings, the participants are supposed o deliberate on the issues as per the agenda and come out with a most suitable and reasonable decision. But generally, what happens is, some participants will come with a hidden agenda and try to convert the discussions into an argument. This will spoil the entire atmosphere.
    So I always say nor arguments please, let us have a fruitful discussion. I always prefer discussions rather than argument. The argument is to find who is right but the discussion is to find out what is right. In the general interest, we should know and give importance to the subject rather who proposed. The proposal may be coming out from a different person but if it is worth every one should accept. Same is the case in our domestic. The family issues can also be discussed among family members but should not go to the level of argument.
    Learned members can add their valuable views on this subject.
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    A meeting is an activity where people are supposed to discuss the matters and give their view points and cordially arrive at a solution acceptable to the participants. It is definitely not a place for arguments.

    Arguments and counter arguments along with allegations and fault finding will ruin the spirit of the meeting and the whole purpose for which it is convened will be lost. Unfortunately in many meetings such unpleasant exchanges take place and people are not only hurt but become arrogant and non cooperative.

    The person who is presiding the meeting should be very clear about this aspect and he should not allow any indiscipline or casual attitude from the participants. It is the ability of that person which in many cases decides the cordial and successful proceedings of the meeting.

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    You are correct. But in some meetings, the person who is presiding the meeting will have a preconceived idea and he will share that with 1 or 2 of his chamchas and try to turn the points to their favour by using these guys. in such case if someone is trying to bring in the correct point, they will get irritated and start arguing without any logic and reasoning. Then the whole purpose of the meeting will not serve.
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    To me, discussion and argument are the same. What matters is the facial expression and the tone used during the meeting. The pleasant argument is a good discussion with a smile and soft tone, and an unpleasant discussion with a serious face and rough tone is a bad argument.
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    Discussion and arguments are two different tools used to sort an issue out or to drive home a point. Some opine that arguments are nothing by vigorous discussion. To me, arguments usually are associated with bias, anger, personal agenda and willful ignorance or exclusion of important facts and an adverse interaction and counterproductive environment. This often leads to mistakes, misjudgement, bruised egos and battered self-image.

    Discussions are between people who are various levels of hierarchy ( at work or in a family) but people are open to each other's views and ideas. It is a productive two-way interaction that is commonly open for scrutiny, questioning and it ensures that things happen in a civilised way.Discussion can adhere to a common agenda to find solutions and answers that are agreeable to most of us and hence takes things forward. Discussion can be held in more than one session without any malice or grudges but Arguments often makes people carry grudges and animosity for a long time.

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    Healthy discussions will help in reaching to amicable solutions. On the other hand arguments will take us nowhere.
    Sometimes people engage in heated and aggressive tones and and start talking irrationally. This makes the whole exercise of sitting to gather futile.

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    The argument may be defined as a non-agreement. Here the two parties to the argument try to prove they are right. In a discussion, the parties concerned express their point of view to come to a conclusion. Here no one tries to convince the other and try to solve an issue considering it from all points of view. A discussion may turn into an argument if they fail to consider an issue from all points of view and take a partisan view. The major problem with the so-called educated people is the lack of accommodation in their discussions.
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    It is a fact that discussions can become arguments very often . This is because of the intolerance of some people who take everything personally. Certain general comments when made by one group or a person about an issue, a person belonging to the other group takes it as a comment on him personally. This makes him furious and he starts quarreling. Finally violence creeps in. And that is what makes the whole difference.

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    Why argument should be considered as a negative aspect? Arguments too can yield positive results. In our parliament, more than discussion, they argue to get the fruitful result. Argument is nothing but a disagreement for an agreement.
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    I totally agree with you Mr Sun. Arguments need not be taken as negative or a hidden agenda. Sometimes without arguments, it is not possible to arrive at a consensus. In our ISC forum section arguments give interesting insights into the topic being discussed.
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    I agree with the author. By allowing arguments we are allowing a controversy to which we should be able to get along and respond. Whereas by going for discussions, even the agitated member would cool down and put forth his views in a polished and polite manner and thus there is definite solution could be found. Moreover those who are with argument mood, wont listen to others, where as those who are with discussion mood would allow others to express their views. Discussions would be cordial and where as arguments would be of heated exchange and some times even walk overs. But some would feel that argument would fetch fruitful discussions and ultimate action. However arguments always turned to be nasty and many wont tolerate that nasty moments. By the way every one is open to fruitful arguments but other person should understand this.
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    My definition for argument and discussion has already been given. An argument can also go as a discussion instead of feeling it like an argument. Here the two parties involved, how they put their point of view is important. The argument goes in a way that my point is correct and your point is wrong. But the discussion will go in a more logical way wherein the persons will explain what is the theory or logic behind their argument and where it differs from the others. The way of presentation is very important.
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    We always call for discussions, never for arguments. Do we ever say Let us call for a meeting to argue? We say Let us talk, Let us discuss, Let us find a solution. We never use the word argue at any official level. In the course of serious discussion, it becomes an argument to find what is right and what is wrong. Thus the discussion ends without any result. Yes. Debate is a word that can replace the word argument. Come, let us have a debate on this point.
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    It seems many Members are forgetting what Amartya Sen has mentioned in his book "Argumentative Indian". Argument is a part and parcel of Indian culture. Argument used to be welcomed but no violence or hard feeling.
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    In our work life, it is always told to have a meeting with the customer to resolve the issues. We say do not keep mailing and discussing and arguing on each other's points, just have a meeting and resolve the issues. Have a clear word on your points. State your points and get an appropriate outcome to it. Discussions are held to have a fruitful outcome. Arguments happen when someone does not agree to your opinion. But they do not help in long run. One should be good listener also to make the discussion useful. Arguments seem to be just a part of these discussions. But one should think first and then speak.
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