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    Let's pay respect to two brothers

    Kumudlal Ganguly was born at Bhagalpur on 13th October, 1911. He went to Bombay (now Mumbai) to work in his brother-in-law's film production company. Later he was forced to act in film by his brother-in-law. His first film with Devika Rani was the first superhit film of Indian cinema. The name of the film was Achhut Kanya. Since 1936 till 1997, Kumudlal acted in more than 275 films in different types of characters. During the eighties, he took part in television serials. His serial Humlog became very popular during the early age of Indian television. Incidentally, he took the screen-name Ashok Kumar, but was fondly addressed as Dadamani.

    Kumudlal's youngest brother, Abhas Kumar Ganguly was born in 1929 at Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh. Following his brother's footstep, he went to Bombay at a very early age and became a renowned singer. Not only singing, he became very famous in comic acting. Although he acted in very few films, but his acting in those few films are still discussed. And his singing? Another such great singer without any formal training has not yet born in India. This great singer breathed his last on 13th October, 1987. Incidentally Abhas Kumar has become famous as Kishor Kumar.

    Let's pay our respect to Ashok Kumar on his birthday and Kishor Kumar on his day of departure from the world.
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    Really these two brothers are very good in their respective fields. Ashok Kumar's acting skills are very good. Similarly, the songs of Kishor Kumar are very famous and even today many like his songs of yesteryears. They have their unique styles and are being appreciated by many. I am a very strong fan of Kishore Kumar. Like him, SPBalu also has attained a very good name as a singer without any formal training and education in music. In some songs, I find similarities between these two singers. But I don't know that Ashok Kumar's birthday and Kishore Kumar's departure date are same. My respects to both legends of the film industry and my respects to them
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    Good thread to know the two eminent cinema figures, an actor and an actor cum singer. Who will not remember these two brothers. While Ashok stole our heart by his talented acting, Kishore stole our heart by his mesmerized singing. What a lovely voice. Few minutes back, I just heard the song "Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi tho.........of Aradhana.
    The wonder is - The date of birth (DOB) of the elder brother is the date of death (DOD)of the younger brother.

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    Glad to read this post, Iconic legends of the Indian cinematic industry one a talent acted, another a truly gifted singer who is and will be remembered by thousands of music fans. What a coincidence of one's entry into the earth and the other's departure on the 13th October.
    interestingly 13 th October 1911 was a Friday and today 13th October 2017 is also a Friday!

    Thanks Mr.Partha for this information

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