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    Good security, concept and the actual situation.

    October 16th is the World Good day and 17th the poverty iradication day. One among 17 everlasting targets of U.N. is the removal of hunger from the World. Food Security is aimed at production of necessary food, make available food to everybody and allow everybody to take when needed.
    World population is expected to reach around 9.8 lakh crore by 2050. It demands an increase of 60% more food production. As per the available data 795 million people of the World are starving. Our Planning Board says 22% of the Indian population are living below the poverty line.
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    Good reminder sir. Eradication of hunger and poverty should be the main aim of any country, global organisation and superpowers. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider and wider, the growing population is not helping it.
    The current display of ego by people firing missiles, conducting naval exercises, people living megarich lifestyles, people corrupting banks and governments to the tune of thousands of crores, people having lavish weddings to get the tag of best wedding of the year or decade should pause and have a thought for the underprivileged, yes they may lack class, culture and ettique but it is up to us not to forget them.

    The governments and politicians should set apart their differences, personal ambitions to get their act together to sincerely lay out plans for the benefit of the poor and hungry. It's stated that in India, 2016-2017 alone 8,679 tonnes of grains were damaged for various reasons. This could have fed 8,00,000 people for a whole year. Such stark realities should be dealt with soon so that we can add meaning to celebration of eradication programs.

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    Kindly correct the spelling mistake crept into my post above. I meant "Food Security", but it has come out as 'Good security'. Editors may kindly correct them.
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    In our country, there is a National Food Security Act which aims for the production of sufficient food grains and makes it available to the starving people. Intentions are good but the implementation is not up to the mark. Recently the Supreme Court of India observed that some of the States in India failed to implement such a good legislation.

    Wastage of food in our country is very high. There is sufficient food to feed the starving. Some organisations in India consisting mainly the youth have started programmes to collect the excess food available with restaurants and dinner functions. They repack them and distribute among the poor living in slums and other areas.

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    There are people who can't digest but plenty is available. There are people who are hungry but no food. This is the irony. The gap between haves and have-nots is increasing day by day. The rich will have crores of rupees in their account but they can't eat because of their health problems. But a person who is hungry doesn't get food daily. This is the irony. But nobody bothers about. The government and the other parties should get united and work together to eradicate this disparity. But as the politicians are having their own priorities of continuing in power and making money for self, they never bother about these issues. The food getting wasted in a day in our country will be sufficient for many poor. Recently in some places, there are some service organisations who are collecting waste food from functions and other places and distributing to the needy. That is good but it is not a permanent solution. The government should have the policy to eradicate poverty.
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    Specific religious and social beliefs are the root causes of population explosion.
    Population reaching 9.8 billion invite a catastrophe for long term survivability of humanity. Many places of this planet are inhospitable for humans. We did maximum damage to the environment and further addition of 3 billion will put additional pressure on the already vulnerable environment. These indicate losing of more and more bio diversity which represent an impending mass extinction event caused by human population growth.
    It is unlikely we will survive it.
    There is no ethically acceptable solution for population control. The growth can be controlled only through good intention. This means human ability to plan for an outcome. But we are following bad intention, multiplying without considering consequences.

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    Population is a big concern today and more bigger is the concern for upbringing of poor and provide them employment and engagement so that they are constructively busy in their job and are contributing in national GDP. The question is how to achieve this. This question has baffled the great leaders and reformers time and again and even the media and general public appear to be very much aware about this challenge.

    Let us go back in history and find out whether poor people existed then also or it is a recent phenomenon. We find they existed earlier also with almost the same intensity. This brings us a paradox that when population was less why people were poor.

    I read about the famous 'great gold rush of US' of California during 1848–1855 (about 170 years back) when poor people from Europe went there taking risk of their life in sea travel as the ships were full with those people up to the brim and many died on the way also. There was a stampede in California at that time as the gold particles were plenty available in open sands and it was only the manual labor which was needed to collect them and bring back to Europe to support their families.

    So poor people were there and jobs were not available and people had to go to such far distances to earn a livelihood. So the conclusion is we are not able to manage the population whatever it is more or less any time . Here comes the value of effectiveness of a good governance in the countries where most of the world poor reside. There must be a great flaw in the system of Governments and their governance that the poverty could not be eradicated in past and if the systems are not improving and not becoming honest and transparent how can we hope that it will be achieved in future.

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    Nature has provided us with food for any number. We human beings do not know how to make food, but know only how to waste food. For. e.g. Take a Mango tree and look at the number of fruits that yields in a year. Do all the mango seeds become a tree after we eat the flush of the fruit. I am sure, One mango tree can help to plant one thousand mango tree, if not , at least one hundred mango trees. Alas! we don't plant even a single mango tree. Not only mango, but look at all other fruits and the number of seeds in it.

    Poverty is man made, not God made. God through the nature has given us enough for our survival.
    @ Sankaran Sir, why don't you edit and correct your own thread title?

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    SuN ¤ has probably put it concisely in essence by his sentences"Poverty is man made, not God made. God through the nature has given us enough for our survival.". We humans are frittering the resources and destroying the sources. Then we blame nature.

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    We can call a country developed by all its means only when they are able to eradicate poverty from their land. Scarcity of food or the inefficiency to meet the hunger of people is a serious issue most of the countries has to face.

    I agree with Sun, we are not trying to create food by planting trees but just complaining about the shortage of food and about poverty. The sad fact is that the people below poverty line might not even have a land of their own to plant trees.

    Sankaran Sir, why don't you edit your thread and change the heading instead of waiting for editors. The creator of the thread has an option to edit it as well.

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    Thanks Chithra. But I tried to edit by clicking the edit option, then itself. But it was not responding. Hence I posted the request to editors. Now when I read your post again I made an attempt, but, no positive result.
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    Quote from #611682 "There are people who can't digest but plenty is available. There are people who are hungry but no food. This is the irony. The gap between haves and have-nots is increasing day by day"
    We are producing enough food to feed twice as many people on Earth. At the same time we are producing hunger.
    Why it is so?
    Fred Kaufman in his book "Bet the Farm-How Food stopped Being Food" says, instead of using data system to find sensible ways to distribute real food we are increasingly using them to trade virtual food as a speculative object much like a financial product.
    The result: Prices skyrocket, real food sits uselessly, people starve, and traders make money.

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