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    Can too much knowledge make us blind?

    Is it possible that if you are having so much knowledge, it can make a person blind and make him/her stop thinking rationally?

    Is it dangerous to have too much knowledge?

    For a simple sum like 2+2=4 they might actually apply integration and differentiation to answer that 2+2=4. When you use such approach for such simple problems we used to tease by saying that you are using Einstein's head.

    What is your opinion? Is it really dangerous to have too much knowledge just like possessing half the knowledge?
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    No body can have too much knowledge but those who have real knowledge will never be blind and if someone really acquire knowledge it will always help him/her think rationally.
    But superficial knowledge may bring traits like ego and irrationality in anyone having such knowledge and can cause blindness while seeking answers rationally and lead them on the path of ignorance and yes such knowledge is dangerous. As their is a saying in Hindi "Adjal gagri chalkhat jai"which means a half filled pots keeps throwing water on its way this is what happens with people with superficial knowledge. And those with true form of knowledge will always stay humble, polite and doesn't get blinded by any kind of ego or irrationality,

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    The author has brought a very good topic for discussion. In my opinion, there is nothing called ''too much knowledge''. This is only a perception. No person does have too much knowledge, even on a single subject.

    Furthermore, if a person apply the formula of integral calculus to find the value of 2+2, he/she won't be able to find correct answer. He will waste his own time. After creating confusion, he will go back and re-open the Arithmetic book of Class-I and avoid books of Calculus.

    I mean to say that nobody should think that he/she possess sound knowledge even in a particular field. Knowledge has been expanding everyday. Such feeling would cause his own downfall.

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    Knowledge is like an ocean and we can take out only a few drops during our life time. Only thing is people can be more or less knowledgeable with respect to others. So some people may appear to be gifted when they out stand as compared to common people.

    As regards to handling basic technical things or basic jobs which are indicated by the author as 2+2, some times the knowledgeable people can take a longer path or a different technique as they might not be aware with the tricks which ordinary mechanics or workers know but the difference between them is that the mechanic knows only a little bit of technical things and a few tricks and nothing other than that while a knowledgeable persons knows many things which are even beyond the imagination of that mechanic.

    The knowledge comprises of so many subjects, their branches and specializations that a person can not complete the knowledge even in one little field in his life time and what to say of learning so many subjects. So it is a relative thing and can not be assessed alone.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge without proper application is of no use at all. Persons with abundant knowledge will be able to arrive at the solution in shortest possible time. Intelligence itself is defined as arriving at the solution in the shortest possible time. Experimenting with new methodologies is always good. Something new may come out of such experimentation. In trigonometry when it was asked to prove that @@@@@ =#####, sometimes it is easier to solve the problem starting from the answer like #####=@@@@@. Experimentation always leads to inventions.
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    I don't understand the meaning of too much knowledge. There is no scale for measuring the knowledge. There is no end to knowledge. Whatever we learn in our lifetime may not be equivalent to a bucket of water in presence of an ocean. There may be different ways of approaching the problem. There may be many methods to solve the problem. when some people can solve a problem in less time another person may take more time. These are all relative figures. The skill in solving the problems is proportional to your knowledge and intelligence. A person who by hearted tables in the younger as may be able to 19 X 19=361. Some people may use their calculator. That may be the difference. It is always better to find out new ways of problem-solving which may lead to new findings. So there is no limit to knowledge and intelligence. As you go on trying to come out with new information your knowledge will increase.
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    Yes what I also opine that too much knowledge would hamper our own progress and we start thinking things differently and want to work in odd ways much to the surprise of others and onlookers. For example a good cook is such a person would would improve upon his menu by attempting more quantity and maintaining the quality. In the garb of giving better and different taste the cook should not new additions or removing certain ingredients which may hamper the original taste. It is better to be normal and performing rather than getting highlighted as hyper and then end up zero.
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    Nice thought.Anything in life too little or too much is not good. Knowledge is something that's infinite, to me if someone says he's the most knowledgeable person, its a matter of time before he finds that someone is already better than him.

    For me, too much knowledge can be dangerous as the mind has too much to be 1.too focussed on a minor fact and forgetting the larger picture, 2. mind beings to dwell on all the negative connotations attached to the particular issue,3.may end up over analyzing and valuable time is lost, 4. risk appetite may decrease.

    For instance, knowing about a particular disease or an operation, too much of knowledge can lead to all the above, it can make the patient focus only on say the cost, forgetting the other benefits, can make the patient dwell on all the potential complications, can make the patient go further checking what if this happens, what if that happens, why should I develop the complications, why not others and lastly too much knowledge about a particular procedure may force the patient to play safe and avoid newer modalities or complex measures that are a little risky but have obvious benefits.

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    I do not agree that knowledge can make someone blind to ration. Sometimes if the person has not acquired the quality or broad mindedness or maturity, then ego may hide his correct vision and understanding. That will lead to wrong results.

    However what makes people with more knowledge go wrong in simple mundane matters is the confusion arising out of the various possibilities available as solution for the same problem.

    There is a sayingin Tamil " Vaathiyaar pillai komaali, vaithyar pillai noyaali" ( A teacher's son becomes a buffoon; a doctor's son ends up as sick).
    The reason is parents have high sentimental attachment and worry about their children. So even in small matters concerning their children, they fear much or worry much and want the best for their children. But when they deal with others in their profession, they are able to take a decision matter-of-fact as they are not sentimentally attached to the person and they can take an unbiased rational decision.

    When a doctor's son becomes even slightly sick, the parent doctor becomes worried , as the symptom can be due to many causes. So he is confused and worried that the treatment should not be wrong. Similarly the teacher parent worries about his child as to what and how he should be taught.

    When we approach a general physician,he can easily give us the medicine without much elaborate tests and investigation,and we get cured easily.He did not have complicated knowledge and hence he does not have unnecessary doubts to confuse him.

    The moral here is that when we have more knowledge, we know more choices. So when in such a situation we have to solve a problem, and we have some kind of sentimental attachment in that person, we generally get confused and may not be able to reach at the right solution easily.

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    I do not think anybody can possess too much of knowledge. And even if we someone have good amount of it, it can never make a person blind. Everybody have the required amount of knowledge they need, it is just the experience that every one carry with them. If someone gains knowledge, it purifies their thoughts and they can visualize on a topic or concept in a much broader way. The point of view changes, the thoughts and opinions can differ. But knowledge is always a source for improvement. It always helps a person, and never degrades them. That is why it is always being said to read good books, books of knowledge, so that one can learn things and can elaborate their views and clarify their thoughts better.
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