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    Is your child Inquisitive? are they curious?

    We see some toddlers or four year old literally exploring everything at home. Once they start talking, their questions are non-stop what is this, what is that, they practically bombard parents or elders with questions.

    Some of us restrict this don't go there, don't do this, don't ask this, don't be talkative etc.
    Curiosity and Inquisitiveness are integral for better brain function, better memory and acquiring knowledge. So if your child or grandchild is showing these traits, encourage them within the limits of practicality and safety. They are more likely to turn more knowledgeable.
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    These days the kids are very active. Their IQ levels are much higher to the other generation people. The way they react and the way they answer the elders is amazing. The way they operate a smartphone is much better than I operate. Many features they know but I don't know. This is true in many many cases. Their curiosity and wish know the various aspects are very high. They don't leave anything without understanding. My brother's son is in 5th class. Whenever he comes to my house he will play with my cell. One day I locked it. He came and taken my phone as usual. But it is not opening. He came to me and asking me the year of birth of mine. I asked him, why you want. The reply he has given is I want to open this phone. He also said that many elderly people will keep their year of birth as the password. He opened and played. By his next trip, I changed mu parr word. As usual, he came and tried to open but it is not opening. Again he came to me with a question that he wanted to know the year of birth of my wife. I am completely astonished for his thinking.
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    What I feel that children must be allowed to interact and ask questions on many matter which bothers them and we the parents must have the courtesy and courage to respond with right answers. My two children were free to ask any questions and in fact I would induce them to ask. While going on the scooter they would raise such questions for which we may not have definite and right answer at that moment. Still we can take excuse and tell them later. Children mind would be always developing and they have the inclination to learn and feel the learn in their own way. My children have been brought up with lots of questions they would ask and I would answer them with patience. Even my wife would deny to answer but I take it a serious challenge and answer them. Probably for that reason my two children are friend to me than kids
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    True. We should encourage our children to ask questions. We should never discourage them by the words - Don't ask me - Concentrate on your school studies - This is not for you etc etc etc. I always encouraged my children to ask questions to improve their GK. Dining table is the place we use for discussion. I never hesitated to award simple punishment as and when demanded. My intelligent children have learned lot from me and raised themselves, and they have completed their Ph.d. Now they say - Dad, you don't know anything.
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    #611712: agree with you, kids are smart and knowledgeable.
    #611712: very true - parents answers children's questions and doubts makes them more interactive and will learn with joy.
    #611721: well said, sometimes I've said the same- focus on school work and don't ask your questions until you finish it

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    Yes their innocent questions are enjoyable. Once my brother's daughter asked me by seeing my wake up by alarm in mobile,as 'why periappa, the mobile fone did not slept whole night'. I really enjoyed this.

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