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    Knowing some technical things has become necessity for survival.

    I know there are some senior citizens who does not know how to operate a mobile phone and thus they are satisfied with the land line phones. But when they happen to go out of home wants to call some one or others want to call them it becomes problem. Some old generation people feel that new technologies are not their cup of tea and they need not learn. But at the home too they have to learn how to switch on geasers, how to make toast, how to boil milk on the induction stove. All these things need to be learned to which they are averse.
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    Change is a continuous phenomenon of this world. Everyone should get cope up with the changes that are taking place around us. But it may be a difficult proposition for aged people to get accustomed to the changes. So they should be taught the reasons for change and how to change, Then everybody will understand the importance of change. We should feel bad to implement the changes. These changes are implemented by 99%. These days even very old people are also using cell phones and all new gadgets are used by everybody. Even my grandmother now cooks on a gas stove. When she was young she was using firewood for making food. Now she is using a gas stove. She has implemented the change and she says she is very happy cooking now as it has become easy for her now by using the gas stove. They may take a little more time to get acquainted but they will also get familiarised for new changes.
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    Some basic technical knowledge in practical sense is a must for every member of a household. Today people have a number of gadgets and machines in household and even a small mistake can result in an accident.

    It is correct that for old people it is difficult to learn these things at such age when mind does not retain the new things.
    The only thing is that young people have to help them time to time.

    Modern life is such that without learning basic technical things it is very difficult to survive.

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    It is very difficult to get the old people moulded to match with new technology. In Tamil, there is a good saying - Ainthil valayathathu, Aimbathil valayaathu. A think that cannot be bent at 5 cannot be bent at 50. Young age is the tender age to learn things easily. Old age is a solid state age where things cannot be done easily. Old people are comparatively cleverer than the young, but when it comes to technology, the old is not a Hero but a Zero.
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    True, people need to be ready to cope up with the changes irrespective of their age. It is rightly said that 'survival of the fittest'. If we are found not to be the fittest one, then our survival becomes difficult. Especially in this century where technology is changing every other day.

    I suggest old people should learn to operate mobile phobes, atleast to, make a call and to answer incoming calls. Mobile phones are a necessity now, not a luxury. By knowing how to operate a phone, people can call their loved ones immediately in case of a need.

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    Every generation has faced changes. Each generation has absorbed these changes in some way or other. Some people adapt to changes fast, some a bit later. Just recall how many changes we have faced at different stages and ages and how we all have adapted well.
    The so-called 'youth' of today also will become old gradually and they will also feel difficulty in adapting to radical changes the next generation youth may bring in. That is continuous process. So no one need t boast of themselves ,o one need to be apologetic also.

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    Well said sir, we will in a world wherein most of the day to day activity involves gadgets and appliances that need a set of task to be done in a precise manner so that it functions and we can be benefitted. As we get older and older, for many of us, our agility reduced, fingers don't move quickly, hands are not steady, short-term memory is reduced, eyesight and hearing are also waning. Blessed are those who don't have the above.

    But if some impairment is acceptable, it's important to have a basic working knowledge of things around us (phones, ATM cards, what's up, Laptops) and appliances mentioned by the author. It may sound simple but sometimes it's difficult to get things going.

    I have seen elderly people having large reading or magnifying glasses as they cannot read small letters. Have an index card and reminders stuck to doors to remind themselves to switch off the gas, to check the keys before slamming the door. Similarly, children may have to write down simple instructions and leave it with elderly parents living alone.

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    Now it has become necessary to learn certain things and to quote some more as there are many listed by author and other members, air travel needs surely needs a technology and also train travel people say gradually they change on to not to stick the chart on the train to save the outer portion of the train with a reason of advanced technology in intimating. These travel too now necessary for the survival and also the road travel though auto rickshaws are available, for old generation, cab is necessary and they become tech oriented only now by booking over net or phone.
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    #612180. Yes, air and train travel has changed with a paperless option. While our parents travel by train, we save a screenshot of the booking confirmation and PNR allotment status on mobiles, they just show the image and their ID card to the TTR. There are many things that senior citizens can learn to make their life easier and have methods to stay in touch easily in case of emergencies.

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    Well said that youth will also become old gradually and they will also feel to the adaption of changes. This context not only applicable to the present set of youth in their later ages but due to technology advancement then and there, the changes they have to adapt in very less frequent interval and example is recent news on IT industry with adaption of newer technology by them and hence reducing the number of people according to the skill.

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    Rightly said, in today's time it is needed to know the basic technicality. In order to operate a lot many things at home also. Never know, what type of a situation comes into place and they need those basic things in life. As the author has pointed out regarding the use of mobile phones, even my father did not know earlier, but now he has learned to operate it nicely. We, the young generation should be helpful too, to make them understand the process of using it and should not lose our patience while teaching.
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