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    Is it ok to run behind the brand names in every aspect of life?

    Today using branded items of clothing, gadgets and other food product has become status symbol and people often show off these brand names one or the other way.
    Espicially among college going students this race has become more visible. Youngsters who should have been focused on various aspects of nation building has become focused on these uselrss practice of running behind brand names.
    What do you think about these brand names. Does brand name bothers you too and do you like brand names only?
    What is your opinion about tgis race for brand names among youngsters?
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    These days younger generation want everything from a branded store only. They don't want to for any item which is not from a branded company. But the branded items are sold at very high prices, It is very unfortunate that simply because the company is famous, we should not pay very high prices for them.
    I purchased Banians at the rate of Rs.200/- per three pieces. My son purchased a very good brand banians costing each one piece at Rs.150/- I used these banians for almost a year without any complaint. My son also used those branded banians for one year only. In such case what is the benefit to the customer? No additional value for the additional cost he has paid. Like this, we see the number of examples. A running behind these branded items is really foolish and not desirable as far as my experience goes.

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    Ms Joshi, you are a bit harsh on the younger generation. It is the age for them to enjoy. You have used heavy words like nation building which they do not think in their age. Being young they like to have fashionable clothes, latest gadgets, vehicles etc., Those who can afford will go for branded items. The quality of branded items will be superior to the other unbranded items like clothes, shoes, vehicles etc.. They are far more comfortable. There is nothing wrong if some people go after branded items only.
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    Modern humans have modern superstitions. One of them is the blind belief (held by many)that branded items only are of quality and non-branded items are always spurious and worthless.

    If we really analyse, most of the things we use in our daily life are non-branded, but with good quality also.
    It is not necessary that a product should be branded to ensure quality and worth.
    Actually many cases branded items are just costlier stuff but with the same quality as a locally available non-branded stuff. Th non-branded items cut costs by avoiding the flashy advertisements as they have a relatively smaller geographical area as market. They are mostly known by word of mouth. The non-branded manufacturers may not need high infrastructure expenses also. Thus they can sell at a reduced cost maintaining quality also. Many non-branded items are restricted to a smaller geographical area an hence they do not need to spend on logistics and long distribution chain, thus reducing the agency and middle men cost also.

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    It is true that some people buy only branded items as that shows the status symbol. I know one girl in my office who always wears branded clothes, shoes and watches. She was pretty rich and she can afford it. But most of the others are not that much into branded stuff. I personally don't go behind branded stuff except for watches and mobiles. They last long that is what I feel.

    Branded ladies shoes are not at all good for daily use. It gets spoiled easily so no point spending on it. That is just my opinion.

    There is a section of people around us who can't even think ofbranded items. So I feel we will go behind these only we have sufficient money. If our commitments are more then we wouldn't be able to spend on branded items.

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    Should we run behind brands? Answer is both yes and no. Well,yes because there's a reason a name becomes brand. No name becomes a brand overnight. There is centuries of hardwork and fine quality involved. So we can't just ignore the fact that they're among the best. And best things never come cheap.
    And the branded stuff always issue replacements,warranties and insurances which the non-branded ones cannot.

    No because, branded products are way too expensive and people blindly buy anything of that brand. For an instance Apple. The hype is real with this. LG, Motorola even Redmi phones come with the IPhone features nowadays. So we can get a quality product at an affordable rate though its not branded.

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    My view is totally different in this regard. Most of the other Members who have responded have almost admitted that youngsters go for branded products. Some have justified, some haven't. But I would say that the craze for branded products does not depend upon age, it depends upon financial capability and many other factors.

    I have seen most of the average youngsters in metropolises go for quantity, not for branded products. Many youngsters who earn handsomely, go for three dresses instead of purchasing one branded product at the same price. The craze for branded products can be seen among ultra-riches without any financial liability. I have seen this craze even among middle-aged men and women.

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    Brands add money and selling power to a product. There are few products that are genuinely worth the price but there's a catch is the product genuine.
    For my personal experience, I can list many things.
    Kitchen sink and bathroom fitting bought from a reputed seller starts rusting before one year. The plumber comes are says, sir, there are so many of these home fitting that come in bulk from China and only stickers are added here. The dealers make a huge profit.
    Shirts at outlets. There are many small units that make the shirts and apply whatever brand labels you want and package it and it's on the shelf.
    One of the replies mentions banians, in Tirupur, I've heard of many shops that give the branded goods at less than half price, No they are not damaged or rejected goods.
    Even the laptop, I'm typing on HP (corei5), bought from a noted dealer with bill and warranty, the finishing and the hinges are so pathetic that the screws and hinges are already coming out.
    I have stopped going for branded shoes as I haven't found much difference from the local ones except that the price is almost half.

    So I can go on and on. The point is branded stuff is good but is it really worth it. how long are you going to use it. I think it's a personal choice. When it comes to safety ( ironbox/geyser/washing machine) or a large investment then I would check a branded unit so that at least I can revert back if there is a problem ( like my laptop, i've mentioned)

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    It's not just the younger generation who goes for branded stuff, you can find them in all age groups.

    Even in schools, the management insists for branded shoes, bags etc. One such school is DAV, you are supposed to wear branded sports shoes. They insist on that.

    I can categorize people who insist on branded things on below factors-

    1. Its a status symbol for them: These kinds of people will always go for branded stuff, they find it inferior to go for non-branded things as it can affect their ego and status symbol in the society.

    2. Quality: They trust the quality and they are ready to shell extra money so that it last long and they can always get it repaired from the dealer if anything goes wrong.

    Still, others wouldn't mind the brand, they would go for the things that look pleasing to their eyes and seems comfortable irrespective of the quality and the cost.

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    Even I also feel that running behind brands is not only found in youngsters, but every other person likes it. I have the biggest example in my home , my father loves to wear branded shoes. Because he says, branded ones will stay for a longer time, they have reliability and good life. He always prefers buying the branded ones.
    I think there is nothing wrong to run behind brands, if you have the appropriate money in your hand to buy those branded stuffs. Because if a product is being given a brand name, then it is due to the quality that it provides. And that matters a lot. Among the college going youngsters, it sometimes comes as a charm for branded goods, because they see their peers, and somehow those brands attract them.

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    What I feel that we should not be a addict to a brand. No doubt by virtue of good quality and rate, we would prefer a brand and become loyal to us. But that loyalty is not kept by the said company. They keep on increasing rates every time we purchase and thus additional burden was forced on us. One must understand that there are some local brands which are rich in quality and with additional features not present in branded items can be given a chance to use once. If everyone goes for a brand, then how the other manufacturers could survive. Nothing wrong to give a try for other lesser known products and thus decide.
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    I saw one clipping thro' what's up. A man wished to candles from a street vendor but bargaining with him in price and discarded his transaction as the street vendor did not accept his bargain. He moved to a store and asked for candles with same bargain but the shopwalla refused to reduce as his was fixed price by showing placard displayed the 'fixed price'. Dissatisfied buyer realized the street vendor's justification he went out by searching him. On finding the street vendor back, he brought entire stock from him. This is the reality happening now every where. We are all bargaining with small/street vendors but paying the asked amount silently in big shops and malls.

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