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    Danger from deficiency of Ozone layer

    Recently, a rumour has been come that Ozone layer damaged some more extent. Still now, this layer got damaged at Antarctica region. It was read by me years back. But now, I came to knew that its damage increases day by day. It is important to know about Ozone layer to be aware from environmental collapse. I have known only that Ozone is an molecule of three oxygen atoms which is in stratosphere to prevent ultraviolet rays from the sun. Can you some more information on it?
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    Hole in the ozonosphere causes harmful ultra-violet rays of sun to reach earth causing various diseases in humans including cancer. And the whole in ozonosphere is caused by industrial pollution.
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    The earth atmosphere is composed of several layers starting from the troposphere, stratosphere, ozonosphere and so on.
    As mentioned by the author, ozone is composed of three oxygen atom and forms a very thick layer which stops the harmful UV rays from reaching the earth surface directly.

    CFC is the main cause for Ozone layer depletion, another shocking factor is that these ozone depletion elements can remain in the atmosphere for longer periods. So harm is already done and is still affecting the environment. CFC which was released a century ago still lingers in the atmosphere. Scientists have tried to release HCFC which has reduced impact on the environment.

    What happens if OZone layer is depleted?
    1. Skin Cancer will become prominent among many other diseases
    2. Many organisms won't survive both marine and terrestrial animals
    3. There will be a drastic change in the climatic condition.

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    Very detailed information from Ms. Neethu. Only one small correction: "ozone is composed of three oxygen molecule":- Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Thank you for the correction Mr. Partha. It stands corrected now.

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    Ozone is a molecule containing three oxygen atoms. Sun rays contain UV rays also which will be reaching the earth. But this ozone layer was absorbing all the UV rays from the sunrays and the remaining rays will reach the earth. But because of the Ozone layer depletion the UV rays also reaching the earth. These rays are very dangerous and causing many health ailments to mankind. The question here is why Ozone layer got punctured? We are only responsible for this problem. The carbon products that are released into the atmosphere by us are the reason by ur. The various fluorocarbons from refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial cooling systems are causing these problems. A man in his quest for happiness is creating all these hazards. The environment is to be safeguarded by mankind. But we are failing in our minimum responsibility. Hope shortly we will be coming out of this problem. Scientists are working and hope they will be successful.
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    The ozone depletion was in the news in the 1980s-1990s. It was found that 1 Chloroflurocarbons (CFC) molecule can destroy 100,000 ozone molecules and CFC stays for 20-100 years.

    The Montreal plan to control the ozone layer damage was started in 1987 and bans were in place to stop CFC production. SOme countries like USA, the ban has been complete but there are still other countries using this. It is predicted that if the ban measures on CFC are followed strictly, the ozone layer hole would be healed by 2050.

    Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) were developed to replace CFCs increase global warming. The hole was bigger in 2015 and volcanic eruptions were thought to be the culprit apart from CFCs.

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    The recent changes in the climate are the reasons for the environmental changes that has been effected across the world and not particularly the ozone layer. For the past 15 days Hyderabad has been getting mixed season in a day and that was not the case previously. Hot sun during the day, showers or big rain in the evening and chillness during the nights and dew early in the mornings. Even animals are failed to gauge the season and they are confused lot. Labors are not getting their wages in full. If this continues surely bad days are ahead for the mankind which cannot be imagined nor opined.
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    Depletion of ozone layer has caused another big problem and that is Global warming to the planet earth. Due to the depletion, harmful UV rays getting inside our atmosphere, is increasing the temperature of earth a lot. This increasing temperature is melting the glaciers and causing the level of oceans to rise. Increased temperature has led to global warming, which is the basic cause of changing seasons. During summers, heat intensity is so high, that it gets painful and it even causes rashes on the skin and its very killing. In the winters also now, there is not much chill due to this cause.
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