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    What is in your name and how do you feel about your name?

    The name is important for any individual. No human is a human without a name. Every individual is proud of his/her own name. Here, I would ask you to talk about your own name. How do you interpret your name? What is the importance of your name? What is the speciality in your name? Are you happy with your name? You may have your lengthy name, shortened name, pet name or nick name. Please make it interesting to read.
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    My name is Partha. Partha is the other name of Arjuna. My elders named me Partha with a specific purpose. They wanted and still want me to concentrate like Arjuna (Remember Arjuna saw only the bird's eye during the archery training session while others saw the tree, the leaves, the entire bird, etc.).

    Ironically I haven't developed the power of concentration at all. I can't concentrate even for ten minutes at a stretch.

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    I'm Aditya. I like my name very much and for some reason I'm proud to be such a name-holder. Aditya means the first God. That'd be sun. So Aditya is one of the 12 names of the sun.
    I feel like I'm important when I use my name.
    I feel that my wisdom and sharpness are far beyond my fellow humans.

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    If I remember the author has raised similar thread in the past. Any way My name is Mohan and that denotes the flute being carried by Lord Krishna, and being the eighth member of the family my name was chosen that.
    K Mohan
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    I am Venkata Srinivasa Rao. There is a speciality in my name. Venkata and Srinivasa, both the words belong to the same God. Them why two names of the same God? This is the question many people asked me. My Father's Father'So My middle name that is Venkata is the name of my Grandfather. Srinivasa is the name of Lord Venkatesha. That is the speciality of my name. I am the eldest son of 5 sons to my parents and I have 4 sisters. All of us will have Venkata as the middle name. My father and mother also have Venkata as the middle name.
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    My name is Natarajan and I'm very happy with my name, as we know it means Lord Shiva's poise as a dancer.
    Lot of friends and seniors shorten my name to Natraj. But far from my name, I've never danced.

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    My name is Chitra, it is the name of a star in Malayalam. However so far I am not a star. The reason why my dad chose this name for me was because his name started with 'V' hence he was always the last one to be called in school, in the exam hall and so on. So he wanted by name to start with any of the first three alphabets. Also his second name starts with 'C' so he selected the alaphabet C for me as well as I am his first kid.
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    My name is Pooja and I love my name . Most people say it is a common name, every other girl in this country will have this name. But, I just love it. And as my name suggest, it means worshiping God. But if I speak frankly, I do not worship God much, but I whole heatedly have faith in him. My friends, my parents call me with the same name, no shortcuts.
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    Something which everybody like is own name. When it is seen in print form for the first time one get excited. I do remember when one of my works got published in a Weekly
    I took it with me and showed it to everybody. This was again repeated when my first Research paper got published in " Current Science", the Science Journal of IISc.

    My name got to me from my maternal grand father. In our community the practice to give paternal grand father's name to the first son and maternal grand father's name to the second son. If girl children are born father will be replaced by mother, respectively.
    My name is that of Lord Siva. And in our family names are carried from generation to generation. But now my children are given entirely different names but the name Sankar is attached as a suffix.

    Lord Siva is the idol of one of our family temples. There are other temples with Vishnu, Sastha (Ayyappan), Narasimha moorthy (Vishnu), Bhagavathy and Sreerama. Hence our family members get the names of these Moorthy' s.

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