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    Our food habits are changing as we become aged.

    Just when I look back I find my food habits have changed with my age. Perhaps it is not because I did it purposefully. Several factors influence and inadvertently the tastes change. Perhaps the market also influence our taste. Through advertisements they attract us and force us to taste the new items. Slowly we opt for it.
    Tea or coffee get replaced by bournvitta or horlicks. Iddly and dosa give place to new chappathy or boori. Or sometimes bread or other new substitutes.
    Simple snacks like home made chips or other give place for biscuits or cakes. Like this lunch with rice and curries find place for biriyani or fried rice. There are several new items in the menu now a days. Earlier only limited items were there.
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    Yes we grow up our taste buds would want some thing but we end up eating some thing else and thus our food habits gets drastically changed for new. First of all our eyes gets dim, our teeth would be falling one after other, and above all as we get older we feel like having something more but wont ask for it. All these factors make ourselves to compromise our live and adjust with the situation. I have seen some old people in the garb of walking , would go for the chat wala and sweet shop and taste their required dishes and thus get satisfied. But the old people are fooling themselves.
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    As you have said, our food habit is changing. I would say that the habit is not changing, rather we are forced to change our food with time. Now that I am approaching fifty, I automatically cut down my intake of food and almost stopped red meat. Even if I desperately try to take red meat or other food-items, which are/were my favourite, I start hesitating. This hesitation proves that I am aging.
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    Certainly, the food we eat or diet we follow gets influenced by many things, our likes and dislikes change as we age, our affordability changes, diseases and temporary illnesses modify what we eat, the place we live and the ease of accessibility to food at home or in the local hotel or restaurant dictates what we eat and we don't eat.

    Nowadays as we get older, we are health conscious and give up things we love and reduce the volume we eat also. Yes, there are eateries that offer a range of items with glossy pictures and attractive names. To tempt us more, they offer free home delivery for a minimum purchase of Rs150.00.

    So senior citizens for lack of support or help at home, depending on the nearby hotels and home deliveries to have 1 or 2 meals. What I found true is when we could eat to our heart's content we didn't have much money in hand (some of us) and when we have money in hand, our age and disease makes it hard to eat what we loved.

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    I agree to the fact that our food habits and age are interrelated.Nutrition is critical at every stage of life.As I have reached 50, I have stopped taking spicy foods.Getting adequate nutrition can be a challenge as we get older, especially calcium plays an important role.With the increase in our age, we start facing problems such as raised cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes which are common in this age group.So the intake of the meal should be according to the needs of body and hence our food habits changes as we become aged.
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    We should have our food practice as normal and the quantity only we should reduce if necessary if advised by doctor according to one's particular health but on any account we should never change our food pattern on other's advice or suggestion. Many are dropping the use of rice by hearing from others and read through internet etc., but now Americans are using rice porridge as health drink. Suggesting chapati to diabetic only to reduce there regular intake and not wheat is good for diabetic. If it is so how about people taking only chapati as food , are there no diabetic?

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    Food habits are to be changed as we grow old. When I was young I used to have ghee in my lunch and dinner. As I entered in my 50s, I stopped ghee. Not only ghee oil also I stopped. I used to take rice both the times. But now only once and that too half the quantity what I was consuming earlier. The second time is chapathi. Now, this chapati is made with multi flour but not alone wheat. The variety of rice we were using was finely polished, But now it is semi-polished. No sweets. No fried items. We eat more fruits. No coffee. Only green tea or black tea without sugar. Rasam with jaggery in place of sugar. Only vegetables without much masala in it. So the food habits are completely changed. All these changes are because of increased concern for health. Not only myself, my children and my wife are also changing food habits. These days it is a common phenomenon.
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