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    What does or should Patriotism mean for the common man?

    Respecting our motherland and the national tricolour transcends caste, creed and personal differences. Patriotism brings up images of the army, guarding our borders, independence day celebrations that we attended as a child.

    Recently after watching a video of Indo-China soldiers standoff, I was asked by a 7-year-old what and why should we be patriotic. I took some time to tell him in simple language about India and how we should be proud to be Indians ( but it was not very convincing). Just thinking out loud, to the common man, what would be or what should be his or her perception of patriotism.
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    I might not be able to define what Patriotism should mean to common man, but I can definitely try to compile what
    Patriotism should not be-
    1. Patriotism should not be killing of fellow human beings in the name of religion or food habits.
    2. Patriotism should not be enforced, it should be from the heart for the nation respecting our fellow beings.
    3. Patriotism is not about chanting few slogans.
    4. Patriotism is no longer Patriotism when the ideology of any religion creeps in.

    In simple words what I understand is Patriotism is the love for your nation and our fellow human beings.

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    Patriotism is ones proudness and love towards the country. A patriot is always ready to sacrifice for the sake of country when there is an external threat. Patriotism is not exclusive to the army guarding our borders. The farmer produces the food grains for all in the country. The teacher gives education and reasoning capacity to all. The taxpayer pays for all. Let us not make any distinction between the army and the others. All the people are equally responsible for the development and safety of the country. Every Indian who has love and responsibility towards the country is a patriot. For the common man, patriotism is the feeling proudness of being an Indian.
    There is another term called nationalism. People tend to take both patriotism and nationalism as one. Both are different and do not be confused. Otherwise, nationalism may come into this discussion. Let us not discuss it as the thread is about patriotism.

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    Good response.

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    The common man's feeling about patriotism. A common man is always worried about his day to day problems and he is always in the thinking of how to meet both the ends and how to take care of his family by providing two times meal to his family. In that pursuit, he may not be able to think about his Nation. Are we to blame him?My answer to this question is "NO". He is not deceiving anybody. He never poses as himself as the big patriot. He is minding his work and getting troubled by all these political leaders and business people who always claim themselves as big patriots.In the name of Patriotism, they are deceiving the common man and making merry. They are trying to get personal benefits using the advantage of their position making their family members enjoy. But we always feel that they are suffering for the country. My opinion is that without harming anybody and for the sake of personal interest not making any damage to the Nation and trying to be polite with people are the best characteristics of a Patriot as far as common man is concerned. In my opinion after the Jawans who are forgetting their family for the nation is the category patriots. Then the taxpayers and the common man comes in the patriot's list. The third category is politicians and businessman.
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    Irrespective of financial status, religion, region, caste, patriotism is same for all. There is no measure of patriotism. One is a patriot or not. There is no good or bad patriotism. This topic was discussed under Group Discussion long back. Most of the participating members' mistook patriotism and nationalism to be same and the discussion drifted towards nationalism.
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    Patriotism according to common man should be to first to love each other. People should not make differences in the name of religion, caste or creed. Be equal and feel equality among all. Respect and value every single person around you. Value their beliefs too.
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    Nice answers so far, I'm glad that replies are practical. #611783: good point we should know the difference between patriotism and nationalism. #611771: valid point- patriotism should come from within, nobody can enforce it.

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    Once a person asked other whether the fox can move from right to left or left to right. The other told him,'I do not know that but sure if the fox goes without biting us'. Similar to this we need not have a sincere patriotism in us but we should never insult our own country by unnecessarily comparing with other ones. Many people I am seeing this is good in America, Britain, Dubai, Singapore etc., and laughing mockingly as our country is lack in such systems. The facilities may differ to country to country depending on its culture, population etc., We should never compare our country with others on any account and if we say so it is just reveals our ignorance about our own country. Many of us do not know the number of states and number of languages in our country but we are fighting among ourselves for languages. We resist to stand ourselves when the National Anthem is broadcasted and we study our education in India but working for other country and commenting on our own country, it is just equal to comment on our own parents. We should never underestimate our country as we have all wealth in our own.

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    I am proud of being an Indian and I love my country. This is patriotism for me. Being proud of your nation, its wealth, its worth and what not. Loving your country to the core and not ready to cheat the nation for anything ever in life. Being with the country, praying for its good and for the life of its soldiers. Above all protecting our wealth and resources and staying united no matter whatever the challenges are.
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    Patriotism is love and respect for one's own nation. And nation means the geographical boundary and the people living within that boundary. Patriotism means to protect the country from external and internal enemies. Patriotism also signifies contributing in the progress of the country.
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