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    What are we better at? Pointing fingers at others or accepting our mistakes?

    How quick are we to put blame on others? Most of us would prefer to have someone at the tip of our fingers so that we don't take the blame on ourselves.

    Why do we blame others? Is it easier to put the blame on others rather than owning up our mistake?

    At times yes, genuinely we may not be at fault, but even when we know that we are at fault we will shut our conscience and will put the blame on other people to such an extent that we may convince ourselves that we are not wrong.

    Most of us have knowingly or unknowingly have pointed fingers at others.Is it right to point fingers at others without owning up our mistakes?
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    Courage is required to accept our mistakes and wrong deeds. Knowingly or unknowingly we point our fingers at others. Sometimes it becomes necessary to point the fingers at others when they do not listen to reason and adamant to accept the facts. When we are at fault, it is advisable to accept it and apologize to the others.
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    There is nothing wrong to accept our mistakes even it was pointed out by the boy. We must have the courage and guts to face the criticism and after by such disgrace we try to improve our performance and change our attitude too. One thing is sure only people who are dear to us and well wishers would have the say against us and we must take that in good spirit and improve ourselves. Never ever point out mistakes against others as three fingers of us are always targeting our face and pointing towards us. So we must set right our house in order before criticising and reviewing others.
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    Mr. Mohan this reminds me of an incident when we were kids I remember my parents telling us (me and my brother) that don't speak by pointing your fingers at others because the other 3 fingers are pointing at you.

    So when we used to have sibling fights, me and my brother we used to point all the fingers at each other saying that he/she started the fight. I remember my mom laughing non-stop, instead of the spanking she kept laughing and we escaped getting punished.

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    Pointing out others without their mistake is very bad. Even the others at fault, we have no right to point out them as we are not the judges and we don't know and what circumstances they have done that act. Another point to remember is, we should not do any mistake intentionally. If we do a mistake then we should go and tell the person who is affected because of fault and tell him why you have done that and you should ask for his pardon. That will show your real nature and people will have a good understanding of your nature. Blaming others for our mistakes and not accepting our mistakes is a very bad habit. It will create many complications to you as well as others also.If som one is doing a mistake instead of criticizing him, better have a talk with him and understand why he has done and politely explain him the after effects. Then he will also get changed.
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    Most of us to begin with are experts at pointing fingers at others. You just have to watch kids playing at home and breaking things. each one points fingers at others.

    As we grow up this continues even in colleges and at workplaces. This is because, as kids we are brought up with the notion that mistakes are bad and mistakes attract punsihment or a stern lecture. Slowly as we mature, we re-learn that mistakes are part of human nature and not as bad as we thought. Then we start learniing from our mistakes and from others mistakes. Now we start accepting our mistakes always to ourselves, many times to our parents.
    At times the circumstances are so peculiar that due to insecurity or fear of suffering a major loss or losing a job, normal rational people point fingers at others to deflect all the attention on the poor chap.

    Only unsuspecting victims know the trauma and the owner of the finger is often embarrassed to meet eye to eye with the victim. It is always wise to own up to our mistakes as at times careers are destroyed and friends are lost.

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    I feel we are good at pointing fingers at others rather than accepting our mistakes. We are so busy finding others fault that we have no time to look for our faults. Without knowing our mistakes how will we accept it.

    We also break our head thinking about others life and we are keen on knowing those stuff when we have ten million issues of our own. When a girl is not married, it will be the neighbours who will be worried about it than the parents. Why is she not married, are you finding it difficult to get a suitable alliance, does she have any affair and so many such questions they have. I feel rather than breaking their head on others issues they should find time to solve the issues within their family.

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    One should always accept mistakes. Pointing fingers at others never resolve fights or give solutions. It is just another way to pamper ourselves. Before pointing out the mistake of others, we should always look inside us and think, if we are right on our part or not, and then take the argument to the other person. Just take a moment to correct yourselves, if we will correct our mistakes, we will know the value of other person's words too.
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    I also think we as parents should educate our children about the value of a mistake and to be bold to accept it if they have committed a mistake. We should highlight to our children that Owning up a mistake is far better than punishment and not to point at other

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