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    Humanitarian work while in prison reflects humane nature

    We have heard of great leaders of our Nation helping people while being jailed for various reasons. We hear about politicians and bigwigs who are guests at various the jail and have all the facilities thanks to the system.

    The Tawlar's being jailed for nearly 4 years (No discussion regarding the case and murders) were dentists. At the Dasna prison, Ghaziabad,they brought up the dental unit upto speed and treated many hundreds of inmates.

    Since their release has been decided, they have pledged to return to the jail to help the inmates with their dental diseases. When we look at purely their work while being imprisoned as to why?, some may feel its to create a good image, some may feel it's to pay for some past misdeeds. To me, a person may not be the ideal human being but when they goes out of way to help people by their own will, it brings out their human nature.
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    Normally the law allows the convict to change his or her mind set so that inside the jail they can attend to any work of their choice and thus earn and kill time for themselves. Good that some convicts have repented for their mistake done in their life and while languishing inside they change themselves and also others for the good of all. Inside the jail too the authorities are cordial to inmates and they give good food, medication and above all sports activities are also conducted. Some who want to write their pending exams can also write through open school method and the jail would allow that.
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    All bid leaders who were in prison during freedom fight, spend their time by writing good books which are very good for the younger generation to know the special nature of the authors and their struggle in life for getting the freedom to the country. The prisoners, what I heard, will be allocated some work to perform and that will give a chance for them to earn. Some people who are really good but under some special reasons might have done some undoings. Once they are in the prison they will repent for the same and behave very well with their co-prisoners. They will be given good treatment in the jail and sometimes their period of imprisonment will also get reduced. Some people even though they are bad, they will change themselves as good people and behave very nicely in the prison. Some will get changed because of the preachings of the jail officers. There may be a few who will never change,
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    Talwars had a roaring practice during 1990s and early part of 2000s. In the jail they went on practising their subject. This may be out of humanitarian ground or may be due to avoid boredom. Anyway they did good work even in the jail. Many inmates in the jails have bad teeth due to the fact that they take various drugs, tobacco, beedi, cigarette and alcohol. So many inmates of Dasna jail have been benefited by the couple's presence in the jail. It is really good that they have decided to visit the jail in future to treat dental problems of the inmates.
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    when we are in anger or tension, we were advised to sit for a while and take a glass of water. similar to that only many criminals do the crime in haste and blind anger. If they should get realize their fault they should be kept isolated (this does not applicable for regular criminals). For this only the system of prison has come into vogue. The situation criminals are got matured during the imprisonment and many of them writing books and do some novel works,some of them got educated.

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    Today, they have refused close to Rs 50,000 for their work and had a huge rush of inmates coming in for dental help before they could leave the jail. This will help to boost up their image positively since they have always in the media for a long time.

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