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    Complaint regarding current balance

    Hello, it is stated that I've been a member of this site for some time now. I want to bring this into your notice that my earnings which were previously 540 have suddenly decreased to 527. I do not understand the reason behind this. I would really appreciate I you look into this matter.
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    If your previous posts have been re edited or re reviewed by the editors, then there are every chances of deleting the unwanted articles and threads to which you may stand to loose the points and also cash credits awarded to you.
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    There are many chances for getting your score reduced. For ask experts questions, when you answer immediately some points will get allowed. After some time the Editors may verify and give you some credits. Then your points will come down. Even in forums also, the editors will edit your answers, in such case also there is a chance your points will get reduced and finally, your points will get reduced. There is a scope for reduction in your point. You please refer back your postings and see where it is reduced and why it is reduced. That will give you a correct Idea.
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    Please check your college posts. You have been submitting less informative content related to infrastructure, facilities, etc and, instead, focusing on stating the courses offered. Courses should be added via the 'add a course' link. I think perhaps you are unable to see the reason put for shifting it to pending. When a post gets shifted to pending after a re-check due to internal discussions when something is brought to our attention, the points and cc revert back to the automated system, to basic points and perhaps no cc.

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