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    Post a surprise - send Diwali Cards and revive the postal mail service!

    With emails, messaging apps and social media platforms ruling the roost in the field of communications, it is truly a surprise to receive a greeting card by postal mail. Generally, now a days you will only see wedding invites being sent through the postal system, not festive or birthday or anniversary greetings. I still love sending cards with some hand written words added to the printed content to make it more personal. I love little surprises and it delights me when I have made somebody happy through this old-fashioned form of greeting. I love to hear the excitement & surprise in the voice when I am called up to acknowledge the receipt of it.

    So, go on....if you have not done so earlier, send a delightful surprise to friends & relatives right away, starting with this Diwali festive season. Post a surprise, spread some joy!
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    Really it is correct. Receiving a letter from my father and reading that was giving a very good happiness. When I was a student and afterwards when was away from my native place due to my profession, myself and my father used to communicate with each other by postal letters only. Those days there was no cell phones and no STD, So only way of communication is this only. Daily after coming to house from my office, the first question I used to ask my wife is there any letter. Those days reading the letters were giving a feeling of physical touch. I used to write letters every day. Slowly the ways of communication improved and we are talking every day and no letters. When I think about that letters I am getting a feeling that we are in touch even though we talk daily. That is a different happiness and feeling.
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    Excellent thought, cards were once the lifeline of expressing our joys,wishes and blessings on an occasion. Now it's become common only for birthdays.
    Handwritten letters and wishes have a much more personal touch, it takes a few minutes to get thoughts organised and to write it down conveys that we really mean and like the recipient.
    I still have letters and card sent to me from friends in the 1990s. Please post and lets bring the postman back to his old glory days.

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    I am much interested to send greetings through the post. To begin with, I wish to send a Diwali/X'mas greeting to none otherthan the Web Masters and Managing Editor of ISC. I know the address of the Web Masters Tony, Jose and Timmy. But to ME, What to do? How to get her postal address? She would feel uncomfortable to disclose her address.
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    Gone are the days when I used to go and look out for cards. It is been years since I have purchased a greeting card. Nice thought by the author. The feel of sending and receiving cards through post is different. E-cards fail to give that feel.
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    A very nice thought indeed. I always try and buy gifts for my friends and relatives in some occasions. In the world today, it is very easy to send gifts to your loved ones. This friendship day, I sent gift with a card to two of my closed friends, they live far from me. I sent rakhi to my cousins with a sweet box on Raksha bandhan festival. Sending cards is really a great thought. I still have the old cards with me which I received on my birthdays and a lot other celebrations during my childhood. Giving cards are the cutest gift I can say.
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    I am happy that two shops in nearby localities are still selling greeting cards. One has very expensive ones of Archies and Hallmark cards, so I generally just browse through them to see the wordings. The other has more reasonably priced ones and better colours. I like to select cards which are not covered with too bright colours. Sometimes I come across a card which has a lovely envelope and will request the shop owner to put the card I chose in that envelope if it fits!

    It is also good fun to visit the post office, buy stamps and post them directly from there. It never ceases to amaze me and have admiration for the postal services personnel in the manner in which they sort out the post and dispatch them to all parts of the country/abroad. At first glance, you see higgledy-piggledy stacks of envelopes and even large parcels. From this they beautifully sort them into slots on racks, each slot representing a city or town and within the city it gets sorted out area-wise/pin code-wise. Immaculate order in seeming chaos. Hats off to them!

    Those who do not have shops nearby which sell greeting cards can check out organizations like Child Rights and You (CRY) and Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association (IMPFA) which sell cards online. You can order them in bulk too.

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    Before the Durga Puja, I went to various Bengali shops of Chittaranjan Park to get Bengali Vijaya Greetings Card. But to my astonishment, I didn't find even a single Bengali Greetings Card in entire Chittaranjan Park. Most probably sending Greetings Card in Indian languages on the occasion of religious festivals has stopped.
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    Sometimes it is the simple things that are all that is required - just pen a greeting yourself in Bengali on a sheet of paper. You can even check out MS Word's 'Border and Shading' tool. Over there, under the shading tab, you will see options to select for borders from the drop down list under 'Art'. There are stars, candles, etc. I have used this tool on a few occasions, such as for thanks letters, birthdays, Christmas and New Year. You can also select colours for the border. Then take a printout and write your greetings by hand in Bengali. The personal touch will delight the recipients!

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    Thank you, Ms. Vandana. Next year I will give it a try as per your direction.
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    Some of my closest relatives and friends still send cards, especially during Christmas. It is a beautiful tradition, one that even my daughter practices.

    People who wish to send cards, and would want their contribution to go to a good cause, can buy cards printed by UNICEF, Spastic Society in their state and NGOs etc.

    Some cards sold at normal stores, come with lovely coloured and self-designed envelopes, and the price of those envelopes is included in the price of the card. When you take an envelope because you like it more than the one that comes with the card that you pick, don't you think it amounts to cheating another person? Even if the store owner willing lets you switch the envelopes, the person who ends up buying the card would be paying for the card and the envelope and getting an ordinary cover, for the same price. Paper, is after all priced differently.

    I don't think it is the right thing to do, even if the shopkeeper agrees to it because an unknown person would be paying for something that you took. Think about it.

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    ISC is a home where we all live like members of one family, but we are scattered and spread from North to South and East to West. Has anyone sent a greeting card to his/her fellow ISCian? If yes, who to whom? If No, why no? I don't think so. Why?
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