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    Do you consider someone to be your source of Inspiration or ideal?

    We always keep saying that this person is my ideal, I want to be like this. I always try to follow his lifestyle or I want to be like him. There is always someone in our mind, whom we are completely a fan of, or probably want to be like them. I have always been a fan of my mother, no celebrity or no actor. I want to be like her, she is so calm and peaceful in her behavior that I try to be like her. I know it is hard to, but I try my level best. My mother takes right decisions, and the patience that she has is just wonderful. She deals with our day to day issues in a very easy manner. She always encourages me to keep doing what I like. She is a source of inspiration for me. I always try to adopt her nature, her habits, but it is hard to do. I actually want to be like her, patient and simple. Do you also follow someone like this, who you consider your ideal person? Let me know who.
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    My source of inspiration at ISC forum section is Mr Partha Kansabanik for the wrong reasons. I am not a regular contributor. After watching his single-minded obsession towards an organisation and a political party, I am inspired to respond to his forum threads and forum responses. I like debating with him.
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    Many of us has a source of inspiration, history and present is full of well known people who are influenced or inspired by someone they know, their father, mother, friend, preacher etc. Sometimes an unique moment in life or an event that has a profound impact on the mind can be a source of inspiration.

    I believe that we should have many sources of inspiration wherever we are. Holding one's little child in the arms should inspire us to do better is life so that our children can benefit. Seeing the milk or paper boy who delivers milk and papers to many homes in the morning ( to help his parents), then rushes off to school to study should inspire us also to do more in life for the sake of our family.

    Seeing positive news in papers or hearing about people who have sacrificed a lot for the sake of others should inspire us. I'm always inspired by my children, family and people who I work with.

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    In our life we move with cross section of the people and some where we are bowled by the humble and good nature of the opposite person and thus become instant fan and then try to follow his or her ideals. Some political leaders can be a inspiration to us . some hard working persons being performer can be inspirations. For me those who are simple in life and yet wont boast of their achievements with others are the one to get inspired. One thing is sure, our moves are also closely watched by our followers and detractors and in melee we also become inspirational personality to them in short time.
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    #611881: I am highly honoured, Sir!

    Coming to the main thread, I am influenced by many people. A person who irons clothes just beside my office also inspires me because of his (and his wife's) devotion to the study of his children.

    However, I have been most influenced by my parents, one of my maternal uncles, a retired military officer Lt. Gen. B.N. Sircar and our History Teacher Late Gauri Shankar Jyoti. I have written about my teacher in the following article:
    My favourite teacher in school

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    I always say I got inspired by my grandfather(My mother's Father). He was a simple living down to earth person. For him money was nothing. He was a man who spent all his time helping all his relatives without looking back at his personal benefits. He was having an own house in his native place. He shifted from that village go another village for his job. His own house he gave to his sister's family to stay without any rent. Later on, he has donated that house to one of the three son's of his sister. He helped the whole village by giving free medicines for all irrespective of their financial status and used to take tutorials to poor students without taking any fees. He never bothered about his personal comfort. He very much contends in his life. He is no more now. I consider him as my role model and try to imbibe at least 50% of his helping nature. I am trying to do that. I feel I will be successful in that.
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    Once Great Kabir told that I have many Gurus to me. Puzzled many asked him how one can have many Guru for him? He calmly replied that when we learn something from somebody, he seems to be a Guru to him. Even from ant we have to learn the briskness. From crow we have to learn unity. If we are really interested to learn something from somebody all such persons are inspirations to us. For me, my grandfather is a person who gave me much inspiration as he guided me every aspects to be followed. A co passenger of my daily bus trip used to drop his bus ticket into the nearest dust bin instead of throwing on the road. By learning from him, I started to drop the bus ticket into the dustbin and if I do not found any dustbin there I used to collect my day tickets and drop in the dustbin nearest to my house when I reach home in the evening. So, he is, actually I do not know his face too, as an inspiration on this topic.

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    My biggest inspiration is none other than my mother. I have always admired her because of the qualities she possess and have always tried to be like her. However I am never able to be like her. Money never mattered to her and she never had the habit of keeping money for her. Even though my dad always does everything for her, she never had that thing of having some money of her own. Secondly she never was font of shopping and will limit her needs and likes. I have never seen her buying a cloth, watch, ornament or anything by seeing it or by doing window shopping. She buys stuffs only if she is in need of it not because she likes it and want to buy an additional one. She is the greatest support and backbone of my dad. Without her my dad could have never achieved success in her personal life. My dad always says that my mom has never irritated him by asking him to get stuffs for her and she always lived happily within the limited income he had without any complaints. For her everything is her family and she loves her dad so much. Still she is a child to her parents, a perfect mom to her kids and an amazing wife to my dad. I always want to buy stuff when I see something and when I like it. Not that I don't control at all but I don't think i can be like my mom. Actually I know I am wasting money which I could have saved but still I can't help it.

    At work the person whom I admire the most if my immediate line manager. The quality that I like in him is he has the patience to dig and find out the root cause of a problem. Also he is always ready to help anyone even though it is not part of his job. He might end up not doing his tasks and will have to sit back and complete it but still he will not say 'No' to anyone. From all the departments people come to take his help.

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