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    Do you talk to yourself?

    Do you have a habit of talking to yourself when working on something?
    Some people think such people are mad or psychos, who talk to themselves and need some expert advice. I do not think so.
    Some people carry a habit of talking to themselves while they are doing their work or doing something creative. Either doing any kind of activity or making food or getting some sort of confusion. They try to resolve it in their mind by talking to themselves, "Is it right or wrong? Should I do it this way or that way?" When we do self-talking, does it bring in more of confidence? We get more of comfort while talking to ourselves because maybe we know, nobody is going to point out our mistake. Maybe we think we can get it done by ourselves? Or is it some people enjoy their own talks? I have a habit of talking to myself when I am confused with something or trying to resolve any issue. It also works when I am confident with my work and it gives me a sense of power and happiness also. Some people call me strange and laugh at me, but this does not impact. If talking to yourself is helpful to you. Do you also do self-talk on general daily things? If yes, how does it affect you?
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    Ms. Pooja Srivastava has raised a good post. Many people including me have the habit of talking to themselves. I raised a similar thread for discussion earlier. The link of my thread is given below:-

    Today I am relieved!

    I request the Members to go through my previous thread to know my views on this issue.

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    There are two types of talking to one's self, within themselves and speaking out loud.Talking to ourselves is common and that is what almost all of us do while introspecting. The people who think aloud are few and for the onlookers, they seem to be crazy people. Talking to ourselves happens when we are engrossed in a work or introspecting ourselves.

    Some people have peculiar habits of putting the pencil or pen in the mouth, rubbing of fingers.If we stop them from what they are doing, they cannot think or work properly.

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    As per psychologists there is an inner 'me' in every person and we are always in a talking term to it. There are continuous dialogues going on between the two.

    Whenever we do a thing we ask our self- Is it ok to do like that? Or I should refrain from doing It? Surprisingly we get answers to all our queries from our inner self and it is entirely a different matter whether we consider the options given by our inner self seriously or not.

    Many times people say to themselves- Ok. Let it be the last time in this year that I take drinks with friends. Anyway I am going to leave this habit and from the first day onward in the coming new year I will be a tetotaler.

    We promise to our self and sometimes we keep it up while sometimes break it.

    So we are continuously talking to our self.

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    Talking to oneself is very common, most people do it with in themselves. It is often the inner self that becomes a person in whom we can confide, argue and delibrate with. People who are lonely are spend much time on their own develop this habit and may do it on a daily basis.

    Talking to youself can be as simple as a gentle reminder before setting out on a trip or leave home, Have I got the keys?, aHave I got the passport?, Have I switched off the stove? The acts like an action reminder or a post it note that we can do it anytime based on our requirements.

    On serious issues, when faced with a dilema or just before arrriving at an important decision, talking to one's self is very useful.
    Periodically, many individuals sit back in solitude and analyse what has happened and what is going on in their lives. This helps us to evaluate our achievements and areas to improve in life.

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    Yes conflict of interest run in our mind we are perplexed and not able to take any firm decision and in that regard we may go for self probing and some times talking to self as if nobody was watching. It is not a madness to talk with own. It is in fact consulting our inner voice and take decision accordingly. I have invariably seen that people while talking to themselves much to the astonishment of on lookers. Some times when others wont listen or heed interest to your advise and views, you tend to talk on own. One thing is sure, if the dilemma in the mind continues talking to self is the best way to get rid of the tension in mind.
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    #611876: That was a nice post-Mr. Partha.
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    I think talking to ourselves is a common issue for everybody. As mentioned earlier some people may be talking silently to themselves while working on some other things. some may talk a little loud. Talking a little loud appears odd and that is why people call them differently. But every person will always be talking to him. Am I doing it the way it has to be done? Am I correct in talking like that with my father? Am I correct in scolding my sone like that? After the deed also we will introspect ourselves and once we feel we have done a mistake we may not repeat the same. In some cases, we talk too much ourselves for taking a decision about an issue. That is known as evaluating the issues ourselves. sometimes while we stand before a mirror and seeing our face we talk ourselves about the changes that have come over a time in our appearance. These are very common issues and many of us will be doing it, I think.
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    As the author specified, this habit is in many of us including mine. Once a friend of mine asked me after returning from watching a cinema in theater ,'It is ridiculous, how we can believe the songs of hero and heroine and some person singing sorrow songs,' That day my reply to him was,,'the singing of songs may be unrealistic but the logic behind is the mind's voice only. We ourselves can feel such situation when we were in jolly mood or sorrow mood all such songs were came into our mind. Similar to this only we talk ourselves many times but the thing is we should keep ourselves that we should not go to the level of mad. But jovially speaking, we are better now as many persons with Bluetooth or earphone in ears are talking loudly in the public places to others but if one see them without noticing the earphone or Bluetooth, definitely think they are mad. I saw such a person in the Gandhi Nagar of Bangalore main busy road who was shouting somebody over his phone through earphone, many people crossed him by distance with different look.

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    Yes, I am, when you talk to yourself, you're paying attention to someone who often gets short shrift in your life: you. If you berate yourself for behaving idiotically or painfully regret something you have done, obviously your self-talk is going to make you feel worse. But if you get a good dialogue going between you and yourself, you can make real headway in clarifying your thoughts and even lifting your mood. I'd go so far as to say the practice is a form of mindful self-compassion.

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    Yes, I have the habit of talking to myself. I normally do that when I am bored, excited, frustrated or so. It is a stress buster for me so I enjoy speaking to myself. My close ones often make fun of me for talking to myself. According to them only mad people speak to themselves. I still do it and I will continue speaking to myself as long as I get a relief out of it. Certain times, it helps to burn my anger. I imagine as if I am talking to the other person and just keep on talking to myself. It helps me to get rid of the anger in me. Mostly I speak to myself when I busy in the kitchen. When I can't find things in its place, when my dish turns out to be a disaster are few scenarios where I will be blaming myself and talking to me.
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    Very good question . This often happens to me. many time when i am driving my father ask me what are you thinking ? why your hands are moving ? sometimes lips movement also starts. Most of the time i am thinking about daily pending work at that time .


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    Yes, I do talk a lot to myself, though it seems funny to the people watching me I do enjoy talking to myself. It is also a very healthy practice, unconsciously people do talk to themselves when they are sitting idle in their minds but many speak it out loud while some prefer to keep talking in their minds.

    Either way it a very good way of introspecting ourselves and needless to say it is a completely normal to speak to oneself.

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    Pooja, we need to talk to ourselves. It may be a matter of convincing yourself that you are being taken care of. It is indeed a stress buster as Chitra had pointed out. And it is not being mad or mentally ill. When you ask questions to yourself and try to find answers, especially the type which suits you the best, you will feel relieved. I suggest that we must talk to ourselves to keep ourselves free and happy.
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    habit of talking to self is good. It is usual thing. It is a stress buster . When someone is under stress and worries he tries to talk to self in order to come out such situations. He does not feel to talk with others.
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    Everyone must have a healthy conversation with oneself. This most times occur when our way of thinking is not the accepted norms of society. And another case is when we have something as Ideal but are finding Something else in practice. The conversation is healthy and must be so. But sometimes it may also lead to overthinking on an issue which must be avoided. I have faced some difficulty in these things. There are many incidents where we are put in a dilemma. The issue is not right or wrong but may relate to certain attitudes. But I completely subscribe to the view that it is a personal experience and every one might take it in their own way. But Conversation with oneself must never be avoided.

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    I talk to myself a lot. Mostly I just whisper but when the place isn't crowded I go loud and clear.
    The best thing about talking to ourself is that we needn't do a recap or detail everything.
    We shouldn't only talk to ourself in times of distress but also to comfort yourself.

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    Such nice replies from everyone. It lets me understand that we all have a habit of talking to oneself, in some way or the other. It is really nice to know that. Thank you all.
    Do what inspires you !!

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