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    Is our Constitution a partly copied one ?

    I came across a comment that parts of our Constitution are copied verbatim from various sources. I am of the opinion that Drafting Committee of the Constitution studied the Constitutions of various countries as those countries had done a lot of spade work and framed their Constitution. The Drafting Committee took good points from the other countries and incorporated them in our Constitution. This saved a lot of time for them. The Drafting Committee consisted of very eminent lawyers and knowledgeable persons. Is there anything wrong in accepting good clauses as they are already tested? Can we accuse the Drafting Committee guilty and deliberately copied in parts word to word from other Constitutions of the world?
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    There is nothing wrong to take cue from already made Constitutions which were existing at the time we drafted our own , In fact by doing so the drafting committee could arrive at the best possible constitution ever made and even other countries were in appreciation of our rules. Now so many years has passed and so many amendments to the constitution were also effected. It is not fair to blame any one at this juncture. At the most the ruling party may convene a meeting of all political parties to seek drastic amendments and that should be hoisted in the public fora for people to react too.
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    I think, we should not question the commitment and patriotism of the drafting committee that sat down to give a shape and format to young India. Our national heroes and individuals in the committee were influenced by many constitutions around the world. I'm glad they did because, we too do the same, for instance, a purchase of a car we look at people already owing the car, read reviews. These great men and women have done what we all do before major events in our lives. Awareness of Living examples or experience of a particular issue are the best means to find a solution to a problem.

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    As far as I am concerned there is no mistake in taking good points from other constitutions which are time tested by our constitution is under preparation. The drafting committee which has made our constitution is having members who are very knowledgeable and sincere. There is no way to doubt them or telling that they have not done it properly. Even the introduction of Reservations to some castes fora limited time to give a chance to them to come up is also a good proposition. But unfortunately, our politicians are using it for their benefits to get more votes. There is no need to make it an issue out of it. But there are many amendments by the various governments and the sanctity of those amendments are to be thought of. Are they really for the benefit of public or any other motives are involved are to be understood.
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