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    "Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead"

    He was a brilliant student. After completing his Engineering, he joined West Bengal Police Service. He was posted in Darjeeling district. He got married only six months ago.

    On 12th October, he was asked to lead a police party formed to search Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) leader Bimal Gurung who has been absconding. He died in a thickly forested area when the GJM supported fired at the police party with automatic weapons. Another four members have been gravely injured. They could not simply face automatic weapons with their .303 rifles of the time of Baba Adam.

    The lady responsible for these obsolete weapons wrote a poem(!) to express her regret. Media people panned their cameras on the crying figure of his newly wed wife. His wife prepared breakfast for him even yesterday! She has lost her senses in grief!

    In the famous poem of Lord Tennyson, the widow of the soldier had her child to live. But Beauty Malik doesn't even have that support. Her husband Amitabha Malik now remains only in the photo-frame. The political leaders and media-persons must think about her condition at least once before disturbing her. They must think about the unfortunate lady when the colleagues of her husband brought the coffin containing the lifeless body of her husband.

    "Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead".
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    The author has once again came with a catchy heading which would force every member to visit this content and respond. Once again a arresting thread which was more informative,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sad to hear about police officers and army personnel giving up their lives in the line of duty. Stark narration that makes the reader have respect for the people in uniform who serve the country and make the ultimate sacrifice. God help and let the government support the families.

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    It is very sad to note that the bold police officer who was leading a team to trace a missing person. Another very unfortunate issue is he got married just 6 months back only. Really very unfortunate for the lady. Nobody can bring back her happiness. Indian police are not getting fully equipped with the improved versions of weapons to face the powerful rivals who have much more efficient weapons. It is only in movies, the hero can remain unkilled even though he is not having any good weapons with him to face the rivals. But real life it is different. Let the government help the lady by providing her with a way to earn and I hope the god will help her.
    always confident

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