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    Which is the best way to get good deep sleep. Laying on the floor, or sleeping on the bed ?

    Sleeping on the bed is recently included habit to which every one of us are addicted and feel compulsory to have a bed for the good sleep. But elders at the home advise that one should sleep on the floor and without pillow so that one would get good deep sleep without any disturbance of what so ever. More over when you sleep on the floor the movement of body on either side would be free and getting adjusted would easy. What is your views on this. Kindly give reasoning for your apt response.
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    Sleeping flat without anything for the head allows the back to be straight and hence the suggestions by many health experts.
    I'm not sure of the logic but many of us at home, including myself cannot sleep well without our own pillows. Away at a hotel or resort, or at a relatives home, sleep does not come easy except after a heavy dinner in new surroundings.

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    When you are completely tired and when you are the body is strained, whether it is a bed or floor, you will invite the sleep very fast. What I want to convey here is getting deep sleep depends on individuals physical condition rather than the arrangement he is made for his sleep. A worker who worked hard from morning to evening will have a very sound sleep just on the floor or even on the roadside. A person who moved in BMW and came back at 12.00 Midnight may not get a sleep on a spring bed in an AC room. Becuase still his mind is active thinking about the expenses, income, profit etc. Many days I sleep on the floor. When I go to my native place I feel happy to slee[ on the floor talking to my mother who will be sleeping by the side on the same floor. We go on talking some issues and almost we will not go into sleep almost 12.00 midnight or 1 AM. In my house generally, I like sleeping on a bed. Here also there is no problem. I will get good sleep. I have a practice of getting up early around 5 AM.
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    Lying on the floor with folded hands under the neck is pleasure than sleeping on a bed is also a pleasure. But practically we have to make ourselves ready to face anything.

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    I have heard that sleeping on the floor is good for health. This is good for proper blood circulation and getting good sleep. But in Delhi, it is not possible during harsh winter. In summer I occasionally enjoy the luxury of sleeping on the floor.
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    The mattress that we use now a days are actually not good for health. After delivery ladies are not allowed to sleep in a mattress. It is always to better to sleep on the floor or on a bed with wooden ply on it. It is good for our spine and for our complete body. Another advantage is that sleeping on the floor during summer season can help you to get rid of the hot to a certain extent. However to get good sleep, a person needs to lie-down where he is comfortable. Certain people can sleep well only of they are at their home at their bed. Travelling with such people is hectic. I normally sleep fast when I am too tired. I just have to see the bed and I am already slept.
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    I have heard that sleeping on the floor is good for humans but somehow due to varying climate, it gets difficult to sleep on the floor as it gives a sore back pain the next morning.

    There are few studies which have proven that sleeping without a pillow and on the floor has incredible benefits.

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    If one is normally healthy, hunger satisfied, fully exhausted by physical exertion, or lack of sleep previous night- then place is not a factor. We may get good snoring sleep even over thorns.

    But if one is sick, in debts or having some serious tension, then even the softest and sweet aroma giving bed will not give him sleep.

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