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    Let the shadows of our past not darken our doorway to the future.

    If all were to be successful, contended and happy, then the world would have forgotten the meaning of faith, hope and the Almighty. Many of us have undergoing hardships in life and some of us have managed to come out of it. The human memory is amazing, it cannot make us recollect a complex mathematical formula but in an instant our past can be recollected.

    This often puts us in quandry, while investing or buying a property (our previous losses falsh by), when starting a new venture (the failure of previous ventures appear), when looking for a better job (the negative aspects of the current job scene flash by). Our bitter or unhappy experiences from the past makes us hesitate to move forward.

    Yes, we should be cautious but the past experiences should be stepping stones for our new future and not hurdles for future growth.
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    Our past is our experience. We should learn from our past. Without knowing or because proper understanding we may be doing some mistakes in our life. After committing those mistakes, if we realise the mistake and analyse the reasons for the mistake, it will tell us some lessons which we should remember always and should not repeat the same mistake again. Then your future will be good and your present will be very good. Once we have analysed the failures and found out the reasons, keep those reasons only in mind for your future reference. But don't go on thinking about the same issue forever so that your present will be good. Then you can be happy. That will give you a better life and you will be successful in your life. Some people always think about their past too much and spoil heir present and future. That is a bad habit and we should not do that. We should use our past failures as stepping stones for the future.
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    True, let us not think about our past hardships, downfalls and sorrows, instead let us all walk forward with confidence and faith in Almighty. Pondering over our past will not help us to attain success. We need to move forward and that is the reason why we are able to forget things. Everyone has or will face failures, worries and downfalls; if these were not their we might not even think about Almighty. Even after facing hardships, everyone moves forward as we are left with no choice. So like the author said don't worry past is past, work hard and struggle to make your future bright. Past is not in our hands anymore, so work for the present and future.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Do we like our shadow? Most of us don't. But even then shadow is the inseparable part of self. Similarly we try to forget our past bad experience. But can we erase it? No. It remains in our subconscious self. Similarly the shadows of our past will always remain to haunt us. We have to overcome the past to bring a bright and sunny future.
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    Our past is like the waters under the bridge and our present is like the bridge over, those who prefer to live in the past will never be able to get ashore. So forget or let go of the past and walk over the bridge to your future ashore.

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    Past is past forget it and prepare for future. That is the message a motivated person gives to other. There is no point in repenting on what has happened. Fault finding will only increase the sorrows.
    Working in present for a glorious future should be the motto of life whether we reach those goals or not that is entirely a matter depending on many factors. If things do not favor us we may not get success but we can not stay whole of our life weeping on those dead stories.
    No one knows the future so let us assume it will be good. At least our present will be enjoyable.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Nice thread from the author. I have seen some people who have done some mistake and even convicted by the court for simple imprisonment for no fault of them and still feel the guilty of being in jail and the society always thought and seen then from the bad eye. Courts should not send every one to the jail. There are people who are framed by the enemies for the vengeance sake. There are people who are framed by the police themselves citing past tiff between the two, But courts should decide the depth of the case at the admission level itself and reject it does not warrant any further investigations and findings.
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