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    Please pick up that phone and call your parents.

    Many of us stay away from our parents for various reasons ( studying, travelling on work, living separately after marriage, abroad on a stint). The daily hectic life means that we leave early and come back late. In between some of us have time but do not use it wisely. So we drift apart slowly and find that a non existent wall has come up.

    At times of major festivals like Diwali, birthdays or any day, call our elderly parents gives them that immense joy in their rather predictable retired life in their native places. Many of them wait to hear the voice of us, their grandchildren and a surprise visit makes their faces radiant.

    So, if you are staying away, Please pick up that phone and call your parents.
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    Oh My God! If I don't do it everyday, my parents will give call to my office, to my residence, in my mobile, in my daughter's mobile and in my wife's mobile till they are satisfied about my health and my mental condition (they very well know about my mood).
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    It is my practice to call my parents over phone every day in between 7.00Pm to 9.00PM. By any chance, if I get delayed, my father will give me a ring by 9.30 PM. By any chance, If I feel I will be bust those two hours, I will give a ring while travelling from my office to house and tell them that I have this work today and hence I am calling you now. This has become a habit for me now. We may be busy because of our works. But it is not very difficult for anybody to spend at least 10 minutes out of 24 hours for their parents. It is the interest you have that speaks rather than the time. We will be calling our friends and relatives on the festivals and wish them. Doing the same things to parents also may not be correct. But as mentioned by the author, at least on a festival day if you are talking to them, they will be happy. But I feel we should make their every day as a festival day by talking to them.

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    It is a needy point in nowadays situation. I read in newspapers that a 'lovely' son from US did not contact his mother, who was living in Mumbai for more than one year due to his exigencies. After a gap of one and half years he remembered his mother and came to Mumbai to his house and even after long knock the door not was found opened. He took aid of others due to panic in his mind, found his mother as skeleton on the bed. My mother(no more now)was waiting every Saturday in the entrance of our house for my return from office as mine was half day in Saturdays, for lunch and never took her lunch without me. Even today on every saturday my eyes are imagining her sitting at the entrance of the house. My father never got anger on any of us on any situation. According to us (all four brothers) our parents are very much special and they were gift of us in this birth.

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    This is a nice post from the author which stress for the need of bonding between the parents and the children who have parted ways for various reasons and when it is festival time or important moments in life, we must make a point to call the parents and take their blessings. Now a days whats app calls are free. Whether you live in US or UK or even far off places. The whats app calls would make the parents happy and they feel like connected. And make a point to inquire about their health and welfare. They feel elated and would remember that courtesy call for ever. If possible send them surprise festive gifts. One of my friend who lives in Dubai has sent some costly gifts to his parents by courier without informing them and wants to be surprise. But the parents went out of station without informing the boy and thus the festive gift parcel could not be given in time.
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    A good post raised by the author; but I do not think we have to wait for the occasions and festivals to call our parents and loved ones. To call them every day might not be practical due to our busy schedules but at least we should make it a habit to call our parents every weekend. I am staying away from my parents but I make sure I call them every weekend and in certain cases I call them during weekdays as well. During the other days, I chat with them through Whatsapp. Thanks to technology.

    I feel refreshed when speaking to my parents and also whenever I have any personal worries and issues, I still take their guidance. Not only my parents but I call my in laws also every weekend. Now it is like a routine thing that if I am late to call that they give me missed calls.

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