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    How to maintain good relations with boss at work

    Every employee will have a boss in the Organisation. Our boss always is watching us and evaluate us. Our career growth is completely dependent on him. So we have to maintain good relations with him. We should always be open and transparent with him. We should always brief him the work progress and ask him about his opinion about the work. Never say no to any of his suggestions immediately. Try and tell him why it failed. Never raise questions on his judgement. Never share any rumours without confirmation with your boss. Try to avoid discussing personal problems with him. Never tell opinion about the boss to him. Keep always a good equation with him. If we maintain the relations like this, it will be better for our career growth.
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    In Tamil there is a saying, 'Maniavi amaivathellaam iraivan koduththa varam' which means there should be God's Gift to have a good wife. Similar boon should be there to have a good boss also. If a good, understanding boss have by one really he is a gifted one. I am like this, my boss with whom I worked for 23 years continuously really a gift one. He was very understanding, knowledgeable (of course senior to me in qualification and age). Even after my leaving the job we are contacting and he never hesitate to call me for talking (today also he spoken to me over phone). It is not necessarily please a boss but if we both run the functioning smoothly by proper understanding is enough. When we have a knowledgeable person as boss, we can even offer our views openly without any hesitation but at the same time, it is very difficult to express our views though it is correct by phenomenon or legally if the boss is not of well versed with the subject. Thanks to the author for giving a chance to render my memorable thanks to my boss.

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    Nice advise Dr.Rao, the boss ultimately controls our fate in many ways while we are at the organisation and can effectively make or break our careers. In the current business environment of performance, targets and competition, the boss is also stressed to deliver the results. These are times to put in our effort and be honest. The superiors always gather information about our performance, however, well we may project ourselves. Office place is the hub for activity and sadly gossip and people trying to curry favours.

    if you are sincere, hardworking and honest, you may not be in the limelight, may not get short-term benefits but in the long run, it's beneficial and our superiors are bound to notice it.

    I would suggest that as employees we should make our presence felt in the right way by meeting deadlines and quality work. Sometimes there are office snitches who have the ears of the bosses trying to bring a good-natured employee down. This may or may not be very evident. Only at times like these, the boss is helpful if we have been sincere and contributed effectively for the company.

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    I have to follow this thread very carefully and keep in mind the valuable advice which I would get. During the last 10 years (a little bit more) of my service, the advice may be beneficial for me. Waiting for some practical advice.
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    Being good with boss is the great attitude one must inculcate whether he likes or not. A boss always expects more from his preferred employees. That means one of so many working under him , he would pick some to be his close confidants and try his work and tasks with them. If a boss even tells the personal work, a obedient employee as to obey for his good future. But I am against those boss who miss use their position and behave wrongly with the female employees which is unwarranted and not solicited. Good boss and employee relations would pave way for good growth of the company.
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    Try to impress him by being good at work and by completing things on time. When you meet him the pantry or in the corridor, wish him and gradually try to speak to him more, so that you become close. Have lunch with him or tea with him or make chances to speak with him in a friendly manner. This will help you to be close to him. Once you are comfortable your work environment becomes nice. Try not to pick up a fight with your boss unless it is really required. Listen to him even if you are pissed off. Try not to be in his bad books. A boss will always like a smart subordinate, who is punctual, responsible and quick at finishing things. He will also like a person who does work in the way he wants it to be done. Be all these and you can maintain a good relation with your boss. Another thing to be noted is don't bitch about him even if you does make sure he will not come to know about it.
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    It is most valuable thread raise by the author because near about 80 percent people face this problem, and thanks to our senior experts who gives very good advise over here.
    If we talk about maintaining a good relationship with our boss at workplace then some good tips I have also that is:
    1- Do more than Expected: Just doing what is expected of you does not set you apart from other employees. This will be reflected wonderfully on you.
    2- Make your manager look good: Your job is to make your boss look good. If you are unhappy with tasks you are performing, set up a meeting and discuss your concerns with your boss.
    3- Avoid making Excuses: Not only does your boss not care about your excuses, he or she does not want to hear them. It is your job to get your tasks done and to meet the deadlines set by him or her.

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