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    Do you have passion for long distance drives?

    There are two types of drivers, those who enjoy their driving and those who just drive out of necessity. Those who enjoy their driving will always be interested in going on long distance journies. It will be very enjoyable as it gives happiness and chance to see new places. One lifetime is not sufficient to see all the interesting places in India. Nowadays many people are going for weekend holidays of two days or more with family or friends. The journey can be on a two wheeler or four wheeler. Two-wheeler journies are more adventurous.

    Recently one woman of age 22 years by name Anam Hashim twice rode from Jammu to Khardung La on one of the highest and dangerous motorable roads in India. The vehicle used by her is TVS Scooty of 110 C.C. First time she rode alone. Admirable courage and adventurism by a young woman. My suggestion to all those who enjoy their driving to make it a habit to go on long journies to enjoy the diversity of India. Enjoy life when you are capable of it.
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    Well I always love to visit new places and know about new people. That means I am certainly interested in travelling. But I do not have car and going by bus, train or air plane may not be always possible. But with the two wheeler I travel a lot inside the city and I wont feel like tired. If I calculate total number of kilometers traveled so far with the two wheeler , it runs into having visited so many cities and towns across the country. It is the adventure to travel on two wheeler to far of places. But for that we must know the basic mechanics of the bike so that in the event of breakdown we should attend it on our own.
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    Yes, I like long drives. Once in a while we go for long drives during weekends and that keeps me refreshed. From the daily tensions and stress both at work and home, long drives helps me to take a break and have some time for myself and to enjoy the beauty of the nature, feel the wind and ofcourse some fun time with my crazy bunch.
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    I drive but I drive only for my necessity. My son drives . He has a fashion for driving long distances. All our family members go together to my native place in our vehicle. We go round the places in that vehicle with our parents. If I go alone with my wife, we go by train or flight to see the places. We like travelling. We have a driver also who will daily drive me to office and back. But I make a point not to travel on road in our vehicle after 12.00 midnight. We will plan always in such a way that we reach our destination before 12.00 Mid night..
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    I have the passion to drive my Padmini for any distance. Since she is old, I do not take a risk of going out from Tamilnadu. The longest drive I had with my good old Padmini was from Kochi to Rameswaram via Trivandrum, Tirunelveli and Madurai. I covered a total distance of 670 kilometers. It took 14 hrs.
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    I love long drives as long as somebody else is driving.I love to take pictures sitting in the front seat. As a family of 4 our a group of 9 we travel twice a year in our state and we love it. It just brings out the best in kids, mothers and siblings to help each other and builds family bonding. For me, its a special joy to snap pictures of unusual events, landscapes, fields, cloud formations, birds etc.

    It is difficult and sometimes worrying we you get stuck late in the evenings on a lonely stretch or get caught in a sudden village mob/fight that happens on smaller by roads.

    This year, 4 women have done 24,000 KM from Coimbatore to London in 70 days to symbolise the 70th year of Indian Independence. Two years back a family from Bangalore did a road trip from Bangalore to France 111 days. Yes people do enjoy long distance travel on roads as a family, group of friends or serious bikers.

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    One such image snapped while being in the front passenger seat. A drongo (a brave bird, the size of a myna) was chasing a garuda ( kite with a white throat), it was like David and Goliath.

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    Even I love long drives, it is also one of my dreams which I want to fulfill to drive all the way to my native place via road instead of the train or flight and I am sure one day we will do it. Eagerly waiting to experience that.

    By the way, perfect click Mr.Natarajan and you have given an apt caption as well.

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    One-time we have planned to attend a marriage of our close relative at chalakudi, Kerala from chennai. As we did not avail train ticket, we decided to go by car and my cousin was ready to take his maruti van and we went in the car nearly more than 600 km. As my cousin drove the car efficiently by keeping the passengers in mind, we did not feel any difficulty and we have some additional places also.Really it was memorable trip to us as our 85 years old father also enjoyed the trip without any inconvenience.

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    Enjoying long drive??
    Roads are full of potholes, Cattle menace, Excessive honking, No discipline, No traffic sense at all, People thinking jumping signals is heroism.
    Combination of all the above make pleasant driving especially in Bangalore roads!

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    I have specifically mentioned long distance drives not within the city limits. Those who enjoyed them or willing to do so can understand the pleasure of it. Try once, you can understand. Many people from Bengaluru did long drives to Leh and Ladakh. That is the most difficult and the highest motorable road in India. Enjoy the thrill of it.

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    Let me try for this deadly drive!

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    Yes.. I love long drives. It feels so nice looking at the outside world from the window. So calm and peace, looking at nature. The smell of the plants on the road. Especially when the road is quiet and fewer vehicles are moving around or if you are running your car on the highway. It is just awesome. Long drives especially at a place where you can see mountains around. What an amazing experience that would be.
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    The long drives are for those who enjoy their drving. Do not try which you do not like.
    Happy Deepavali. May Goddess Lakshmi shower her blessings on you and all your family members.

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    I forgot to mention my worst experience that I loved. While I returned from Rameshwaram, I took the East coast road which was bad then. It had lot of humps and bumps. Before reaching Tuticorin, my silencer broke, and Padmini was roaring like an elephant. I got her admitted, bought a new silencer and fitted it at a Tuticorin workshop.
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    Although I enjoy the scenes of long drive in films or in videos, I don't enjoy long drives on Indian roads. Indian roads are generally too crowded and too full of cars and trucks to be enjoyed (except some roads in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Ladakh).
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    Long drives are very enjoyable. Travel on National Highways. They are very good. The State highways may have some bad patches which can be tolerated. Try it. You will be certainly missing some fun and adventure in life unless you do it.
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    Long drive is like a dream for me. Literary and practically as due to my health condition now I can not undertake that.

    Still in my dreams I have many times seen myself with friends driving along the long coast line or alternate hills and valley terrain.

    Probably these are the reminicients in my memory of my long road journeys undertaken 20 - 40 years back from Gauhati to Shillong, Mettupalayam to Ooty, Mehsana to Mount Abu, Kochi to Munnar, Chennai to Tirupati, Haldwani to Nainital, Haldwani to Almora, Haldwani to Pithoragarh, Dehradun to Nahan and many more which I can not recollect now.

    So I had seen many landscapes fascinating and enthralling. I love that, I cherish that and undertake them now only in my dreams.

    Thanks to the author for bringing such a thread to evoke my memories.

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    #612178: Agree with you, Long drives are for people who can put up with setbacks, stretches of bad roads, sudden rain, new roadblocks, cattle and pandals blocking the road and food of variable quality. These long drives (I'm the front seat passenger most times) help you to come out of the comfort zones, experience periods of solace, beautiful nature and glimpses of simple life. We don't need to drive to Leh or Ladakh, staying in the south, friends and blog sites give me enough information about scenic routes to travel in two states.

    Dream to do one long drive as a group to Ladakh some time.

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    Thanks for the DIWALI wish.
    I am also, wishing you and your family Happiness and Prosperity.
    I understand your enthusiasm and encouragement for long distance drive.
    I used to go for long drives occasionally while I work in GCC countries. Generally, I used to go for short drives during weekends with my family.
    For long drive, my favorite route is Muscat to Salalah highway in Oman. It was really highly fascinating. Even you can put your Car in auto drive mode and enjoy the drive.
    Another route I enjoyed was the drive from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Bahrain, especially through the bridge over the sea connecting the two countries. That road is considered to be the world class one. While driving through that road you will feel like flying.
    One more route, I would like to travel is from Muscat to Dubai through Coastal Highway. I heard, that road is a dream Highway.
    In India, I drove from Bangalore to Tirupati (Balaji Temple) with my family through the bumpy roads which was also enjoyable and memorable one. Next, I am planning for a drive to Rameswaram for which I need guidance from our respected members. I think, Mr. SUN/KVRR can guide me in this regards.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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