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    Why children wants to try those things to which we prevent them and say no ?

    Nurturing children is the great task and not every one is familiar with it. Some use the coercion method of controlling the children and they wont allow anything new to learn. I have seen some parents not even sending their children to fetch grocery so that they would know the rates of the items and how to deal in public places. Naturally children get curious and want to try every thing they want and for them feeling and trying new things is the passion no matter we the parents would stop them and even warn them. What is your say on this ?
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    It is always advisable to allow children to. Learn the things they like. But the children may not be aware of the difficulties in life. So parents to tell them positives and negatives of each activity and they should see that they are the right path. Some children in their curiosity to learn and do new activities,they may neglect their studies. Here also parents should council them and explain them the importance of education and see that they will concentrate on studies also. The parents can leave the choice of subjects to children but see that they will get qualified well. The parents should encourage the children to participate in extra circular activities also. The children because of their age get attracted towards some easy and entertaining activities which will take away their time. Here parents should try and divert them from those activities and see that they learn useful activities.
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    It is always like that. They are inquisitive and would want to know why they are not allowed to do a particular thing. Even we were like that during our childhood. When we prevent them, the interest in them to know it increases. I consider it to be a common phenomenon. We as parents should clear the doubts of the kids in a nice way and also let them know the reason why we are not letting them do a particular thing. Try to educate them so that they might stay away from trying it.
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    Children by nature are very curious and are little explorers in their own world, they want to explore the home, neighbourhood and do love a little mystery and adventure like climbing compound walls, chasing the neighbour's cat, plucking fruits and flowers and roaming in groups on their small cycles.

    The more we restrict them, the keener they are. It's better to encourage them to venture out within the limits of safety and not to be too overprotective. Recently, I saw a group of kids on a Sunday having their art class around a park. No restrictions, no rules, the children had to draw buildings, trees, street scene of their choice. The art teacher, later on, gave tips on how to make each drawing better. This was a new experience to me, allow kids to be themselves and encourage their creativity, rather than restrict or impose knowledge on them.

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    Let me narrate a story related to this thread,

    In a village, there was a man who had two sons. These two sons were so naughty that they always did the opposite of what was being told to them. They hardly obeyed anyone, their father was very concerned about them, he tried every way to disciple them but it all went in vain so he gave up on them.

    One day, it started raining so heavily in the village that the river got flooded beyond the safety limits, the undercurrent was also very fierce that not even good swimmers could withstand it. Caution alerts were sent across the village. The concerned father called his sons and told them, it has rained heavily so the rivers are flooded, so he asked them to go and take bath in the river. They nodded their heads in front of the father and as soon as they were out of the house, they laughed and ridiculed their father and said that "We won't go the river to take bath today"

    In this manner their father outwitted his children, this is an anecdote which I have heard in the family, I am not sure about the authenticity of this story. But somewhere yes, when we are asked not to do something even if we don't want to do since we have been asked not to do, we get all the more curious to attempt it.

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    It is only out of curiosity. Not only children but we ourselves like that intending to know what is in that and why they warn so.

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    Children are keen to know every small thing. Whatever they see around them, they want to try it, face it once. Though we tell them that you should learn good habits. Be good children. Something which they are really not aware of, they will first make a trial as to what it is, and if they like it, they will do until we do not stop them. Its the curiosity inside them that makes them like this.
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