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    Leonardo da Vinci was more than artist

    Leonardo da Vinci is a name known to all of us as a world famous artist. His paintings are even now copied and available in world markets. His paintings such as ' Last supper', 'Mona Lisa', 'Vitruvian Man' and several others are even sold as Mrs ones.
    But how many of us know Leonardo da Vinci was more than a artist. He was a Mathematician, a sculptor, Architect, musician, Engineer, inventor, geologist, botanist, writer and experts in several other fields.
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    Leonardo da Vinci was an exceptional genius. He was in the forefront of European renaissance. As mentioned by Mr. Sankaran, Leonardo da Vinci was a mathematician, a sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, inventor, geologist, botanist and a writer. Not only those, Leonardo da Vinci also developed a sign language where the words appear as normal when seen with a mirror.

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    This great human being is known for his paintings and many know him for his varied influences that are too vast to be listed here.
    His initial line diagrams of flying machines formed the basis of aeroplanes, he also wrote plans for the underwater diving, breathing and weapons for warfare. His aerial helical screw for vertical flight is what the helicopter is said to be based on.

    His prolific energy and knowledge on a wide range of subjects and endless inventions should be a great source of inspiration for many young talented minds of today. He is deservedly considered as a universal genius par excellence.

    Of his many famous quotes, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' is too good.

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    This man is very famous for his paintings. I have seen his paintings. But I don't know about the other talents of this man. Really a great man with a special quality of the combination of science and arts. My salutations to the great human being.
    I think it is not out of context to mention about another great genius who is also having talent in both science and arts. It is my privilege to mention him in this thread as my Guru, under whom I have worked for my Doctorate. He is a great chemist, a sculptor and a famous artist. He is a very good painter. The Andhra University convocation hall is full of his paintings. He is Prof. Nemani Krishna Murty, a very well known Professor for his artistic works in Andhra Pradesh and very popular in Visakhapatnam. My respects to him on this occasion.

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    People are generally characterised into two. Logical and artistic. It is very very rare that we find people with both traits. Leonardo is among those people. He wrote all his findings in mirror image. He is the father of 3D effects.
    But Da Vinci was most interested in transport.
    Do you know that Da Vinci built the first robot!
    Well not exactly a robot because it was purely a mechanical machine but he built a working mechanical lion!
    He laid foundations for aircrafts. He gave new methods of architecture.
    He made an immense research in medicine.
    In his twilight years he was on verge of making a cult.

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    This thread reminds me of another genius from TN G.D. Naidu, who has not qualified but has full of skills with his inventions and has different skill sets.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Definitely Leonardo da Vinci was a great scientist, artist and genius of his time and was a rare example of a person having multiple talents.

    Considering the progress of science and engineering in his time, he was far ahead in these subjects in comparison of his contemporaries.

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    For the first time I came to know that Leonardo was not only a best artist of the world but also has varied personality hidden in him like Mathematician, a sculptor, Architect, musician, Engineer, inventor, geologist, botanist, writer and experts in several other fields. Normally people would end up their surge in life if one recognition comes with over all acceptance from the public. The same might have happened with Leonardo. By the way the historians and people doing research on him must also bring out his contributions to other fields as mentioned above so that we would know Leonardo further better.
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    Leonardo da Vinci was known to me as an artist, only through this thread I cam to know about his abilities and talents. Amazing it is and his was truly gifted, I must say.
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