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    Humans are a better creator or a destroyer?

    Both construction and destruction activities are being carried out on the earth by the humans. While considering the constructional activities, humans use their skills and knowledge to create or recreate something new. From creating or manufacturing a small product/thing to the latest technology development, human brains play a major creator role in the environment. It is the humans who have introduced the concepts of science, medicine, industrialization, urbanization, globalization, artificial intelligence, etc. and have constructed tall buildings, industries, bridges, automobiles, electrical and electronic appliances, etc. by applying the scientific techniques. A lot of research and development activities are being conducted all over the world and a new idea is being implemented or developed. Launching a satellite is not an easy task and it is one of the extraordinary achievements of the humans which stand as a perfect example to prove humans are a better creator.

    On the other hand, apart from the natural calamities lot of destruction activities are also happening on the earth. Humans play a major role in the destruction activities such as deforestation, pollution, hunting, genetic modification, fishing, global warming, medical crimes, etc. The ecosystem is highly affected because of the human activities. The humans are mainly involved in the destruction activities to create or reconstruct something new in the environment. But knowingly or unknowingly, the destruction activities of the humans result in a threat to the human life in various ways.

    On your perspective, humans are a better creator or a destroyer? Are they good at construction or destruction?

    Share your views.
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    Humans are like two sides of a coin, at best are wonderful creators and at worst are ruthless destroyers. As we have evolved, modern man in his quest for knowledge and to break the shackles of ignorance and beliefs, strived hard to improve man and mankind. As a result, many inventions and innovations were created by geniuses (cars, ships, buildings, aeroplanes, rockets that can go far into space).

    Somewhere down the line, human's greed or quest for money, power, recognition, fame changed some of our minds resulting in wars, unregulated urbanisation, deforestation and destruction of nature and its resources that ultimately has to potential to results in the destruction of man and his creations.

    In this very ISC there are two perfect examples for this thread. Humans are a better creator (Leonardo da Vinci thread) or a destroyer (Korean missile crisis thread).

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    What I opine that when some thing is available in abundance, the human being has the tendency to destroy the same by trying the things in different way. For example on spotting a flowing waters from the hills, we feel like bathing at the place at once. Once human beings start using the place for other purposes, the benefit of nature is lost and thus it becomes bad to worse. Likewise once upon a time the Hussain sagar water lake which separates Hyderabad and Secunderabad was a drinking water source to the twin cities. Now it has become most polluted lake as the toxic contents from the Industries and drainage water from houses collect into Hussian Sagar lake. So we are destroying more the nature than creating one. May be we are expert in creating some thing for us or personal use but never interested to have something for the society ?
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    #612010: well said sir, many things in nature has followed the unfortunate path. The beginning of man's presence in one area is also sadly the beginning of the end for nature's treasures. This is almost the same way how Man becomes the destroyer.

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    Always construction is very difficult. But destruction is very easy. For constructing a building we may require minimum 5 months. But for the destruction of the building more than 2 hours is not required. Explosives will explode in a fraction of a second. But for the manufacture of the same may take a lot of time. It is very tedious to make and very dangerous to handle. The tendency of human beings is to waste anything which is available free of cost. They take it free of cost and try to make money by selling it, to somebody. Unfortunately, trees are not asking you any money to give you oxygen. Trees are not asking you anything to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So we don't bother about trees, oxygen and carbon dioxide. This is the exact problem. The human being is using this environment to his advantage and spoiling the entire atmosphere. But there are only a few people who are struggling to find out a way to come out of this problem. Many people don't even think about this.
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    Rama as well Ravana both human with different characters. Similarly all humans are both created as well destroyers. Father with much difficulty construct a house but his son simply destroy the house after him; father and mother create the family bondage & unity with love but son/sons destroy the unity , family follow up by his neuclerism.

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    No doubt humans are creators as well as destroyers. Let us go into the genesis why a particular person is creative while other is destructive.
    In my opinion a person is basically an outcome of the environment and society where he has been brought up and the friends circle between whom he has been moving for a long time. There is a saying - A man is known by the company he keeps.
    So the ultimate type of a person will be constructive or destructive will depend on the circumstances and situations he has been through.
    So people among terrorist will have a great chance to become like them until unless that person has a very great disliking for that type of work.
    In essence the same person can be a creator or destructor depending on his upbringing and the environment.

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    I appreciate the the thinking of the member who posted this thread. However when you look at the actual situation, there is no meaning in interpreting like this. On this earth who else can do creation other than humans, who can destroy purposefully other than humans?
    Of course there is Nature which created everything. The same nature will destroy everything in due course, perhaps to create new things. Even the human beings are nature's creation. There are millions of life forms created by nature. And in the life - chain human beings are supposed to be the last. But this last ring of the chain is all set to destroy the very nature where from it was created.
    Many of the other animal forms are creating certain things using nature's gifts. But their creations are limited to their needs. Human beings very often create things which are harmful and even destroy its creator himself.

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    We're neither creators nor destroyers. We are the impotent observers.
    We know that we're wrecking a havoc. But can we do something about it? We constantly try to levitate ourselves to Godly state. But being a God is no easy task.
    It is not correct to entirely blame the disasters as human cause. We are too weak to be destroyers and too dumb to be creators.
    We merely observe everything settling into void.

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    Humans are neither creators nor destroyers.
    Our ancient Vedic Texts tell us a large cycle of time known as 'Day of Brahma 'which stretches 12 million years. At the end of' Day of Brahma 'all life forms in the universe are destroyed. This is followed by' Night of Brahma 'which is of equal duration as that of Day of Brahma when no life form exists. At the end of the Night of Brahma, the universe is once again created by God Vishnu from unmanifested matter. Thus we have a cyclical 24 million year of Cosmic creation and destruction, much like 24000 year precessional cycle and 24 hours of day and night.
    This is exactly what the fossil records of the planet Earth reveals. Every 26 million years there will be a mass extinction of species on Earth.
    In 1984,Paleontogists David Raup and Jack Sepkosky published a paper in the Journal of Geological Society of London, claiming that they have identified a statistical periodicity in the extinction rate over the last 250 million years. In their research they claimed that life forms on the Earth seemed to disappear drastically exactly every 26.2 million years.
    We can find a surprising and fascinating correlation between extinction dates calculated by scientific methods and those arrived at from Vedic Texts especially Vishnu Purana.

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