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    Does sitting late at office means you are a hard worker?

    I always had this question in mind as I have seen many of my Bosses having this impression. They are least bothered about how early we come but they just notice how early we leave or how late we sit. They take it as a criteria to find out people who are working hard and people who have no work. Even though there is a punch in and out system, no one checks the punch in timing, everyone is interested in knowing the punch out timing. Even if we leave on time, people are capable of asking 'Why so early today?'

    I do not think leaving early means we are jobless, we might be coming early or we are quick at doing things. But no one thinks that way. A lazy person who keeps postponing his work or a person who is slow at work or a late comer can also sit late to finish their work. But that does not mean they are hard working and only they work hard and others are jobless. I am really pissed of with this attitude of managers.

    Have you ever come across such incidence? Share your thoughts.
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    wonderful thread. Sitting late in the office could mean anything from trying to impress the boss or trying to escape from spouse's wrath!
    Very few people get openly acknowledged for coming in early to work. The day you leave early even if you have done your work, then you are certain to raise many eyebrows.

    Some employees are diligent and often complete the work efficiently in time. Many, however, stretch the pace of work ever so slowly until it's time to leave or they have an excuse to sit late to impress the supervisors.

    Many times we are too good and often bring unwanted attention. At the workplace, one practical quote comes to my mind, that is 'never underestimate the power of human stupidity'. It may sound sarcastic but very true in many instances. For instance, what the author explains is apt for the quote. even when she has done her job well ahead of others, she gets disheartened as due credit is not given. Sometimes we can try to change the attitude with reasoning but if it's not worth it, then better to go with the flow

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    You have raised a very relevant thread, yes many think that the more you spend time in office the harder you work. I would say that,

    If you sitting late in office to complete your work,

    1. You were inefficient in completing the task at the stipulated time.
    2. Very poor in time management
    3. Want to impress your boss to show your extra work hours.

    and many more reasons.

    Even if your boss doesn't like it, you should honor your time and finish your work on or before time and leave the office on time. You shouldn't be working extra hours unless the work is so urgent and needs to be submitted that day itself.

    When you spend more time in office, you are compromising the time that you could spend with your family. Every second gone cannot be rolled back.

    Be a smart worker, not a hard worker!

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    Nice thread from the author. What I feel that by sitting for late hours in the office it does not portray that the particular employee is the hard worker. There are many reasons for that. Some employees wants to finish the work of some important nature which are to be done in future be made ready now. Some have the habit of wasting time during the day and hence they are forced to work late hours to complete the task, But in some private companies there are over time being allowed for the late work. Some employees intelligently use this facility and thus claim the over time benefits by working late. But the boss or the management knows who is postponing the works in the day, who is having work pressure and needs to work extra hour etc. One thing is sure every employee must know that there are secret spies of management amid them and even one small availing of benefit would send band signal to the management.
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    Very interesting thread. I used to ponder as well as baffled by this late sitting in office when I was in my active service.

    What I found is that our systems are so much spoiled that we are forced to sit in the office for late hours due to our habits of laziness and lingering.

    I remember one of the seniormost executive who used to call meetings sometimes even on a Sunday and that also at 3 PM. He was doing it occasionally and specially when he was angry with the performance of the subordinates.

    Interestingly some people specially at higher level are so indisciplined that they will just relax in the office upto lunch and suddenly after lunch they will become active and try to complete the daily chorus by sitting late and some of the subordinates who are career conscious and are afraid of banging from the boss will be detained with him. This is really an unfortunate situation that most of us are like that and we have no respect for time.

    If you go to any office whose timings are 10 to 5, you will see that work starts only by 10:15 after the desks are cleaned and the employees go to the rest room for getting fresh before starting the work. They have already taken a bath in their respective houses and after a sumptuous breakfast they alighted in the office. So what more freshness they require?

    Another example of spoiled timings is courts. Courts generally start at 11 AM when the judges arrive and proceedings start. Then it closes by 3:30/ 4:00 PM. I remember there was a suggestion that courts should start from morning 8:00 and break at 2 PM for next shift and next shift should start from 2 PM to 8 PM so that more cases are settled but it was dismissed by telling that we do not have sufficient judges for this though we have a large chunk of highly qualified lawyers or unemployed LLBs who will be happy to appear in a national level competitive exam for judges.

    So basically our time management is utterly hopeless and late sitting in office is one of the outcomes of this.

    Knowledge is power.

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    #612001: I would love to leave on time but often get caught sorting out the issues that should be done by others. It's difficult not to get involved because some of us have to work in a team and even though we are good in our work, we would be frowned upon if we didn't take a little extra work. The commonest excuse give is all are not the same, please carry on your good work. At times many of us would be worried not to take on other's shortcomings for the fear of a negative impact on our own job.

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    There are two schools of thought in this respect. Some Bosses think if somebody is sitting late in the office, they are slow in their work and not up to the mark. Many bosses consider sitting late in the office is a dedication to work. Everybody agree I think, many bosses never come to office in time. So for them, it is not important that who came in time. If you are late your punch card will tell that you are late and HR will go ahead with its designed method of punishing the people who are continuously late. HR will never bother why you have gone late? But in factories, it is common that all workmen, supervisors and officers will come and leave in time. But the Managers will not do that. They may come late and go late. That all depends on the culture. I feel it is always better not to bother about timings, it is better to see the performance. The task given is to be completed within the given time and there should not be any backlog. This may be the correct approach.
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    It is according to person and his office. A type of boss used to get irritated when his subordinates getting ready when the office time over. In case of factories this does not arise as the entire factory workers move out once factory closing bell/siron alerts. If there is overtime, the concerned supervisor will inform the required staff/workers for whom overtime work allotted. I never accept late sitting by idling in the office hours. Once I got transfer from accounts department to personnel department, I worked in the evenings after the office hours to finish some finalization of accounts on special request from our head of the accounts department.

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    Have you ever come across such incidence?
    We face such situation many times in a month. Sometimes situation demand you to stay back at your work place. Work is inter-related, monthly closing, emergency, one must stay back and finish the work and go but it should not be a habit without urgent work just to please the boss.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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