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    Diwali release movies, What makes it special?

    For many years, since a kid, I've been noticing huge crowds of cinema fans waiting for their favourite hero's movie to be released in the theatres. The Tamil and Telugu industry see mega star's line up good movies, have huge cut outs and become box office hits.

    The entire atmosphere becomes festive at the theatres. For the group of working class, if they dont' see a Diwali release movie, the festival is not complete. What makes these Diwali release movies so special that people pay huge amounts for a single ticket on the first day?
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    People are crazy. Festival means we should go for a new movie that to it should be the movie of their favourite hero.In Telugu states, Pongal in January, Dasara in September/October and Deepavali in October/November are very important. So they wish that they should spend those days happily and lavishly. No office or no school. Everyone will be in the house. The most common entertainment is going to a movie. So many people prefer to go to newly released movies during these days. But recently I noticed is the other way round. The day the movie of the favourite hero released is the day of the festival. All the fans will be near the theatres only. They will be celebrating in the movie theatre by throwing the flower on the screen and dancing in the theatre when there is a dancing song of the hero on the screen. Their joy knew no bound. This is a very common phenomenon these days.
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    People these days are fond of watching movies and a movie on a festival is like something damn amazing for them. This becomes a reason for movies to be released in theatres. Bollywood or Tollywood producers know that bringing a movie on the festival will get more revenue. Since people have holidays, they need to spend some fun time, so they normally prefer movies. EIther a movie is good or bad, people will watch it just to have some mood refreshing time on occasions.
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    For the people of South movies released on Deepavali and also on Sankranthi is the prestige issue for the stars and also the their fans. Being Deepavali the people would be in festive mood and want to enjoy to the hilt. So movies released on this day would bring greater satisfaction to the fans and also good collections are expected as each youth will gets lots of money on this day from the elders as the festive gifts and they shall spend on enjoying the movies and other activities. Invariably the producers and the directors plan their activities in such a way that the movie would be slated for release on the Deepavali day. Irrespective of the out come or the ratings which might have been out after premier release, people would throng the theaters to have the first look of their favorite stars being cast and thus spend the festive day in a happy mood.

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    When explaining about the 'wants' in economics our lecturer told that somebody have more interest to go films on the release day especially on the festival days. Really it is an interest according to the age. My father was dead against on going films on festival days and Sundays. In spite I and my brother went to pongal release (sivaji film) without the knowledge of our father but even a single dialogue we heard in the crowd noise. After a weeks time we went to the same film again.

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