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    Watch that waist line this Diwali.

    Diwali, the great festival of all times is here, in the festive mood of new clothes, buying new ornaments is in full swing. Also are the boxes of sweets, chocolates that are being readied to be exchanged. The sweets and mouth-watering foodstuffs are designed in a way that the only thing to do is to eat more and more. It's so easy to eat 2-3 pieces of this sugary stuff that's bound to add an extra lining of cholesterol to our arteries and make diabetic control more difficult.

    This festive mood coupled with the bad weather ( at least in south) makes one lazy to do our morning exercise and work outs. The roads and parks in our area have a lot of slush that makes it difficult even to walk safely.

    Happy Diwali, have a thought for Mr.Weight and Mr.Health, have a plan to lose the extra calories post festival.
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    That all depends on the way you celebrate the Deepavali. Generally, we will have new clothes for Dasara in our family but not for Deepavali. We purchase gold for Sravana Sukravaram(Friday) for Varalakshmi Pooja. We will have pooja in the evening of Deepavali Day and after that, we offer sweets to the people who are visiting our house. Family members will eat one sweet each. Then my sons and daughters in law will spend some time in crackers. This year there is no plan of purchasing crackers. Only lights will be arranged. Generally, I will not go in the morning for a walk outside. (Earlier I was going. But stopped). I started using my treadmill. No impact on my exercise because of weather. I feel we should take care of our health also while celebrating the festivals. In Hyderabad in many offices sweets will be given to all the employees. I take this opportunity to wish all the members of ISC and their family members a happy Deepavali.

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    Diwali is the time everyone lets loose with friends, card parties and booze. Always remember that keeping the number of drinks within acceptable limits is one way to watch your waistline.
    Do not order for creamy liqueurs or spirits as an add-on in your cocktails, as they unnecessarily up the calories. Also, avoid cocktails with too many types of spirits or ingredients. A Long Island iced tea Vodka is said to have around 7 ingredients and 700 calories per drink.
    Use natural fruit juices instead of canned ones and low cal bubblers like club soda etc instead of fizzy colas to keep your drink trim.
    If possible skip an after-dinner drink as these are mostly sweet and heavy on calories. Here are some more tips to make your drinks and your waistline light.
    Gin and Tonic water is the slimmer's drink. Squeeze a dash of line juice for that extra zing.
    Vodka with Ice tea: Only the ice tea needs to be infused with low-calorie sweeteners or lemonades. Squeeze a few drops of fresh lime juice to take the artificial taste away.
    Limit the intake of artificial fruit juices and replace them with fresh juices or with sparkling water. Tonic water has approximately the same number of calories as soda.

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    Yes this is the time advise from the author as those who are suffering from Diabetic and Blood pressure are tempted to eat more sweets and may end up spoiling the health. One old gentle man who is having the diabetic problem always comes to our house and ask for sweets. We know he is asking with right. But at the same time we should not be blamed for his health in future. However we would oblige him with small piece of sweet. Older people are eager to have more sweets than Kaara items and thus this Deepavali may pose danger to their health. Better get satisfied on seeing the sweets instead of having some and getting into trouble.
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    A very relevant thread from Mr. Natarajan. During this festive season, we have to take care of our blood sugar and stomach problem. The quality of sweets available during this time is generally not very good. So, we have to take care of our health ourselves. Let's eat less, enjoy more.
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    Frankly admitting, I am otherwise also not very strict or following any rigid regimen in my food habits.
    I am not much worried about portraying myself with a chiselled body or to declare that I am fit as a fiddle. But I am not a glutton also.

    However I do not become stingy miser when I get some tasty food of my choice. I would rather take sufficient quantity of that to satiate my taste buds and/or hunger.

    Today in our home we prepared a sweet which was a traditional sweet for Diwali till a few decades ago. I am still having the old childhood 'sweet'memories. Hence we decided to make that grandma's sweet this time and avoided all the sophisticated and stereotyped ones. It came very tasty, because in old days the financial situation and availability of things, and need for more quantity to be prepared did not permit us to use good amount of ghee, cashew nuts etc. Today the item had all those in good proportion. So it came very well and tasted excellent.

    Let me admit, I did not limit at all, and enjoyed it to my full relish.

    I know that my 'middle' is showing up, but then, every day is not Diwali and soon we will revert back to the normal routine.The sweet prepared now may last for a couple of days more too.

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    Diwali is a festival of sweets and crackers and unfortunately both the items are harmful for health. Sweets because they are the sources of carbohydrates and fats and crackers because they create lot of pollution.

    Whether you avoid these items other time of the year does not matter during Diwali as your friends and relatives will insist you to take them. The problem with sweets is that they are prepared with lot of adulteration and their harmful effects are beyond imagination.

    Those who are health conscious should avoid as well as advise others not to take these materials and rather go for fruits or home made items.

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