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    A very controversial question

    [At the outset, I must state that whatever I am going to say subsequently is not against any Member. It is a genuine question, which the Members may judge in their individual capacity.]

    Please see the following thread:- Swach Bharat Campaign is only in advertisements. Do you agree?/

    The thread received enhanced points and cash credits. Considering the subject and the level of writing, it was an apt decision. The thread later received ToW Special Award. An apt selection.

    Then what is the problem? I earlier missed the thread. Yesterday when the award was announced, I read this thread. At the same time, I also read the responses to this thread. I was astonished to find that only those responses which supported the thread (and stated that the 'Swachh Bharat' movement has been a failure) received cash credits. Those who talked about the success of the movement, did not receive any.

    Personally I also feel that ''Swachh Bharat' has not been a complete success so far. But that is not the question here. In that particular thread, the Editor has given cash credits to only one type of responses to this thread. Those who supported the movement have been ignored. This is not conducive to healthy discussion or debate. I seek the opinion of other Members in this regard.

    [I reiterate that this thread is not about the quality of the thread or the responses. It is relating to policy of awarding cash credit to the responses on a debatable issue.]
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    I have also made a posting in that thread. I have also given that there is some improvement and still a lot is to be done. Then I touched upon the expenditure on advertisements by Governments. I have not linked this expenditure and Swach Bharat mission. That is the reason maybe I was not given cash credits.
    The opinions differ from person to person. The Editors who evaluated the thread and responses might have thought that the mission is a failure. They might have thought the persons who brought the idea of failure are correct. Hence they might have given to those answers CC. No problem.
    Individuals will see the things in a different way. These are acceptable.

    always confident

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    We had a good exchange of views on this thread, I didn't support it, didn't get any CC. I'm not concerned. I'm glad that this thread won the prize as it concerns a social issue. Who get's cc or not is difficult to judge and justify. I don't think this should influence our attempts to post threads and reply. Personally, unless there is an glaring error we should move forward.

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