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    Diwali with a difference. Give it a thought

    Can we do something different this Diwali so that we enjoy the festival and also pass the happiness and joy around us. Yes we can do it.

    1. Get kids to make their own simple greeting cards for their friends, grandparents.

    2. Organise a small kids interactive session at home, at flats and encourage them by having simple games, drawing/ coloring contests.

    3. Mothers can get together and have a 'pooled buffet' of food and sweets for themselves and children.

    4. Fathers can supervise the kids and if at all you have to burst crackers go for sparklers and simple wheels rather than bombs and flowerpots. Also do it for the entire group with chances for kids instead of each one bursting everything.

    5. Have a heart for the elderly neighbours who are 'home alone' this Diwali, draw them out or visit them and say a few kinds words and gift them some of the special food that's at your home.

    6. Think of the poor and underprivliged, gift them a gift box (no cash) that would have stuff that's always at home (a simple box with the extra sweets that are always at home, an useful stationary item, some chocolates or a small toy or clean clothes). You don't need to go too far, just look around your neighbourhood, there will be people who can do with a little kind gesture.

    7.After the festival, there would be extra food and sweets that would be perishable. Instead or dumping them or leaving them outside, please give it with dignity and a smile to the maid staff, security staff, people who clean the cars, flower or vegetable vendors. If there a small gift items that are not mandatory for us please distribute that too.

    8.Round up the older kids and 'safely' clean the mess (dry papers,cracker remnants) that I'm sure would be made by our fellow humans. Take some pictures and put it up on social media or contact the local papers to highlight the Kids gesture for a eco-friendly and humane Diwali, I'm sure people will find it inspiring.

    7.Lastly, ask the children to write a short summary of what they did different this Diwali.

    Please feel free to improvise and contribute
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    Very good thread! We must share our joy and happiness with less privileged one. May Goddess Lakshmi visit all households on this Diwali.
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    The idea of the author is good. If it is implemented it is good. Only one problem is planning some activity with a group is possible for the families who are living in an apartment. Generally, in Hyderabad, this type of activity will happen in apartments during Vinayaka Chavithi Navaratrulu. Every colony also celebrate this Ganesh Chaviti by having an idol of Ganesh. All the activities mentioned like conducting quiz and competitions to kids, having competitions in dancing and singing will be carried out there as there is a common platform for Vinayaka Pooja. I don't know whether it is possible for Deepavali also. But donating clothes, food and sweets to the deserving people can be done for any festival and generally, we do that. Similarly, clothes will also be given to the people who are ready to take and use them. The suggestion is good. We can give a try. I will discuss with my family and neighbouring friends. It is easy to do it in an apartment but I stay in an independent house. Let me make an attempt.
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    Good thoughts emanated from the author's mind and that was appended here. But Deepavali is such a festival where lots of preparations would go in each house and the children wont be available for debates and discussions as their only concentrations would be on how to fire the crackers and how quickly. However the author made some very good observation which can be followed and performed during other festivities and holidays. In fact every child in the apartments should be made to understand and interact with each child so that it would be great friendship bonding that can be developed in future.

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    Wow.. very nice thoughts from the author I must say. Yes, we should do something good and different this Diwali. This makes me think about my parents and gives them some cute Diwali gift. This Diwali celebrates happiness and spread the moments of joy among everyone.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Amazing, it's really very good thoughts from the Author. Yes, we should do if I talk about village then most of the things to do here. I come in my village this Diwali and it's very good fillings here. Peoples came around you and enjoy.

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