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    Have we heard or used this before?

    I just came across few interesting words which I thought might be really worth sharing. I have picked five words which I am sure many of you might have actually come across:

    1. Overmorrow: The day after tomorrow

    2. Petrichor: The way it smells after the first rain (Petrichor is actually the name of the bacteria which gets dislocated when the rain falls on the ground)

    3. Oneirology: Study of Dreams

    4. Interrobang: When you combine question mark with exclamatory mark !?

    5. Dysania: The state of finding hard to get out of bed in the morning
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    This is an eye-opener, It sounds Greek and Latin to me. I'm hearing for the first time. Thanks for bringing it to the notice of people like me.

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    Out of these five words, I earlier heard about only one, i.e., 'Petrichor'. All the other words are new to me.
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    All the words are new words to me. I am seeing/hearing them first time from Neethu.
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    Yeah really i am also seeing and hearing these words first time thank you neethu for sharing a knowledge of words here.
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    Sohail shaik...

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    Earlier I know two words from your list They are Overmorrow and Dysania only. The words are new to me. Thank you for sharing new words and educating us.
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    I am aware of the word Petrichor. The knowledge about the interrobang punctuation was brought to our attention right here at ISC via a forum thread. I think it was Gypsy who brought it our attention. It led me to look up the Net on unusual, little used punctuation which I found extremely interesting. That thread and such threads like this one in this particular forum category does help us to improve English vocabulary and general grammar too. Make the most of it!
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    I don't think they are generally used in India. They seem highly technical to decipher. Other than 'overmorrow' others are hard to remember and use on day to day basis. By the way thanks for keeping an eye for new words and developments. Thanks again.
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    For me those bunch of new words and meaning is a tutorial for me and I have learned it just now. This clearly opines that there is much to learn and we boast off that we are learned people.
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    I have heard of the word overmorrow.It is a literal translation of the German word ubermorgan,which means the day after tomorrow. The other words are new to me and I haven't heard of them earlier.

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    Thanks for posting. These words are absolutely new to me. Never heard them ever before. Except for overmorrow the rest of the words are difficult to pronounce and difficult to remember too. Anyway let me make a note of these words and try to recollect after a couple of days.

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    Is this a pinned thread? Why is the Editor allowing discussion in almost a month-old thread? Shouldn't the thread be locked now?
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    I didn't used and heard these words before. Thanks for sharing with us. Some are difficult words to pronounce like onirology. I note down this words and use to make a sentences using this words.

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    I am familiar with the word 'petrichor'. In fact, I had used it in a list of my favourite fragrances in this thread and had explained what it meant, at Vandana's request.

    "Petrichor is actually the name of the bacteria which gets dislocated when the rain falls on the ground." Your statement is incorrect.

    The smell of rain falling on parched land is called petrichor. The bacteria is not called petrichor, you have confused the bacterial spores that help produce that first rain smell as petrichor. Why have all those who know the word and its meaning not corrected you?

    Please check the facts.

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