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    Do you like new rules and new way of approach at the new acquired SBI banks ?

    Either too my wife's account was in SBH bank which was eventually taken over by SBI three months back and the transition was smooth. Now the new management of SBI has introduced new rules and new way of approach at the bank branches. No bunching of account holders at the counter. For every transaction a token has to be taken and only that person need approach the counter. The withdraw, taking of DD and even obtaining pass book updates are done at the machine counters and thus the interaction with bank staff has been drastically reduced. Any reaction from members ?
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    This happens when many traditional units merge and in a corporate takeover. To balance the books and to
    "modernise'' so that the expenses are less in the long run automation is introduced. All the simple tasks will be handled without needing to interact with a human. Only when there is an error, or when there is a disgruntled customer a staff can be approached. The amalgamation of various SB(-) under SBI was to save money and share the NPAs.

    On the query of only one person approaching the counter, I've seen it abroad, it's for safety and ensuring confidentiality. If you try going to a private bank, all that you've mentioned are already happening, you'll have to pay for SMS, pay for withdrawals too many, pay of credit or debit card postage and even pay for a new PIN to be set up. We just have to get used to it.

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    You may be talking about the branch you have your account. The automation is done in some branches but not in all. This is done on the basis of the number of accounts and transactions on a daily basis I think. My salary account was in SBH. Recently that bank has become SBI. In that branch, there is no change. Token system was there are also earlier in this branch the same is being continued. All other works like updating the passbook, encashing a cheque or obtaining a DD are to be gone through a staff member of the bank. This is what I have seen in the bank where I have my account. Automation is always good as human interference will come down and chances of mistakes will also be reduced and work will move very fast. Manual mistakes will not happen and in case of any problem, we can go to the concerned for help. It is a good development.
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    In one house of a relative of mine always resist to invite the guests and relatives; they do not invite others even by word when somebody visits. On asking, they told nobody need to come to their house. Similar treatments are going in banks including SBI. They did not care about customer.ers and their maintain or closing accounts. I feel pity on the staff only by thinking their fate if many customers close their accounts.

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    This counter and token system is followed in many banks. It is not a new practice. Of course, small bank branches still follow the queue system. The advantage is - we need not stand and move but sit, relax and move forward.
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    Sun as far I know the private banks have the token system to route the customers to the right counter. But for the first time SBI has done this.
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    In major branches of SBI in Delhi, the same has been happening for quite some time. I earlier had accounts in SBI, State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Travancore. Now all these three have become SBI.

    Two weeks ago, I went to my SBI branch which was earlier State Bank of Travancore. When I had opened account there, it was a brand new branch and there was human relationship. This time when I visited the branch, I found that here also everything has been mechanised. The earlier human relationship is now missing.

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    Yes Partha the same I want to convey here. Even our old cheque books have become invalid and not accepted.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: All the earlier associated banks (now SBI) sent me regular SMSs that after 30th September, 2018, the old cheqes of the erstwhile associated banks would be invalid. After receiving the messages, I got new cheque-books online.
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