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    Equal Pay for Equal Work principle for Govt contractual employees is boon or bane?

    Hello members,

    Recently Delhi Government and Punjab State Government has passed the "Equal Work: Equal Pay" order for Govt contractual Employees which symbolises the uniformity and clarity of service and reimbursements. Demands are also being made across the country in several other states to apply the equal pay for equal work in favour of all contract employees. Do you all agree to this? I have also a copy of the Delhi Government's "Equal Pay for Equal Work" order. Please have your good say in this connection regarding the benefits and drawbacks of this principle if any.
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    If you see that from the employee side it is a welcome move. The qualified people who are working in the government under a contractor will also get equal pay on par with the government employee who is having the same qualification. Similarly, all the employees of a contractor will be on par with regular employees. But as an employer, what is the benefit for a contractor. Any contractor will not work without any profit. So the payment to the contractor is salary + commission. So the government has to spend higher amount for giving jobs on contract basis. So will it serve the purpose? How to justify this expenses. One advantage I am thinking is a number of people can be reduced in the contract. A contract worker can do two persons work, I think. The ultimate gain will be here.
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