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    We all need it to survive

    We all need food to survive. If we are vegetarians or non-vegetarians. We eat whatever we love to eat. We need food to live healthily. Doctors tell us to have a healthy and proper diet. We are being asked to take a balanced diet to live a life that is free from diseases. But did we ever think of not wasting the food we eat? At home, we finish all the food we get in our plates. But, eating in a restaurant or hotel, we always have a habit of leaving some, why? Can't we finish all that we have on our plates? Same is the case when we have to attend a party or a wedding, we are eating and we are also leaving ample of it to be thrown into the dustbin. What is the need if taking that extra food then? Why did you take it? We are grown ups and not kids, we should be aware enough that food is not destined to everyone in this world. Some people do not have it. Some people are undergoing malnutrition. They don't have food, so they are in dying situations.

    We should be thankful that God have mercy on us and we have good food to eat, we can have water and live a healthy life. Please do not waste food, if you feel like doing so, give it to a poor person, someone who really needs it. But do not throw it into the dustbin. First of all, do not take extra food. Take only the amount which you will eat. Stop wastage of food, and give to someone needy. People should understand the value of it. Kindly do not waste it.

    There should be a system prepared to monitor people who eat food at a gathering or restaurant. Also, only that much food will be given, which the person can eat, not more than that. Even if they feel like wasting any, it should be distributed among the poor children.
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    Good thread from the author which needs to be discussed thread bare as there are people who gather at the functions and serve themselves with lots of food and eat less, thereby wasting the same and going to the waste bin. This happens when the serving is done on buffet system. In our tradition we serve the food on plantain leaf and every one has to sit on the ground or the table provided for and eat. Here the serving is done by the host and they see that the guest gets what they want and they eat what they like. There are lesser chances of food getting wasted. The buffet system of serving food has no control over the guests and thus the hosts are left with suffering with losses. One thing is sure, every guest must understand that there are people who are dying every day even for a one square meal so wasting food must be avoided. One more thing do not eat for the sake of others. Eat when it is must for you.
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    One day the great Industrialist of India Tata went to England with a team on an official work. In the evening they all gone to a Restaraunt and order for food. Out of the food ordered only 50%, they have consumed and the remaining food was left on the plates. One old lady came to these guys and asked them,"Why are You wasting this food". The reply given by one of the members is, "It is our food. W have paid for this food. Whatever we like we will do with this food. Why are you questioning us." Then the old lady politely replied, if you have excess money, you waste your money. But you have no right to waste our national resources. We have limited resources. Tata liked her words very much and asked her to excuse them for this.
    Food is very important for everyone. In our nation, many people are starving for food. Many people don't have a meal a day. Absolutely we have no right to waste the food. Eat whatever you want. But don't leave it on the plates. The individual should understand how much he can eat, that much only he should take in the plate. Generally, when I eat in the restaurants I ask them to take back the items which I don't eat. If I feel the stuff is more, initially itself I ask them to reduce the quantity. It is a good practice and everybody should inculcate this habit. Even in the functions when you take, take only what you want to eat, so that there will not be any wastage of food.

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