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    Do the Parents want to face struggle their children as of how they struggled in their life ?

    In General, everybody has three stages one is childhood, Teenage and as a Parent. Once we became a Parent we live for our family we always think to earn more and more to safeguard or secure the children life once we reach certain a level we think of more earning so that our child will lead the life easier.Generally, we see this type of thinking in Celebrities as they earn more and more money for their children, grandchildren e.t.c. Do the Parents want to face struggle their children as of how they struggled in their life or do they want to make a path to children to lead the life easier. Which parents are more wiser?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    A wise parent always wants his/her children to know everything and be capable of facing any situation in their life. They don't want their children to struggle for anything. All the parents try to provide maximum support to their children in reaching their goals. Either in education or in their career or in their business, the parents want their children to excel. Till they become self-sufficient parents help them financially so that they need not worry about finances. The parents always see that their children will have a happy life. But if the parents are very rich and give the children unnecessarily more money and more comforts, chances are many for children to get spoiled. No parent should give their children more than required money till they become good in understanding this world properly. The parents may be having a lot of money but it should not be given to children before the settle in their life. Anyhow the parent's property will go to the children only after the parents.
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    According to me the parents always wants to create comfort zone to the children and they does want to pass the burden of thinking too much about their future. Every parent provides for future exigencies and expenditures of the children even forgoing their own requirement. Having faced hardships during their childhood, the parents does not want the children to suffer the same and hence provide all comforts and happiness they want. I have seen some foresighted parents even procuring properties for the future of their children and thus todays children does not know the pain of the parents who stood odd against the situations and brought in all the required things for the children. Even after the grown up age, the children fail to recognize the contributions of the parents in their development and think that it is the duty and they have done it.
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    I am sorry to state that present parents are not as equal to parents of 1970 and before. My mother and aunt(wife of father's brother)did all home related works without asking any children to do any work,clearing all things scattered by all(we are 8 children studying in various classes) without murmuring/ordering us to remove.

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    According me The parents must protect their children and provide safe zone for them but safe zone means not that thing which makes the children to feel that cannot do anything without their parents. I mean if parents are rich they provide luxurious life to the children and even they don't make them to realize what is poverty and what are the hard times. so these type of looking after makes children to live a life luxuriously but they don't any experience and In the future when parents left them if any problem cause to them then they do not have a knowledge of solving problems....
    so I must say that parents must provide their children everything and also give practical teachings of life. In foreign countries I have known that the parents make their children to stand on their own ideas, thoughts and must feel their responsibilities and they have to earn their pocket money.....
    The great actor Jackychan is not giving his assets to his son. he is donating all his money to charity and he made his son to earn his own name and fame and money.........
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    I fully agree with Mr. Pattabiraman. We, the parents of present age, can never match our parents. How can we match their sacrifice, their struggle with poverty and their determination to give a better future to the children, i.e., us. Their contribution and sacrifice are beyond description.
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    Our parents struggled to raise us through all the difficulties of their time. Today's parents have a completely different set of problems. So it wouldn't be easy to compare. But what is needed today is the ability to communicate and maintain that. There is no place for bombastic authority parents (fathers) had before. If they put that into practice today, they are signing their future into old folks' homes or abandonment. In those days there was lack of information and opportunities. Today there is a lot of information and technology has improved greatly. Today's currency has more zeroes compared to the days when a teacher's salary was like 600-700 Rs.

    Children today have to face challenges never faced by their parents. It is almost incomprehensible for some parents and so often they blame the degrading of standards instead of making the mindset changes to flow with current realities. No point glorifying the past when it has less reference to today's life.

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    No parent will want to see their child struggling. Every parent will be with their child always whenever in need. But a wise parent should not spoil the child by pampering it too much and letting the child spend lavishly. They should make the child understand about the difficulties in life and about making money. Also they should make the child understand that their are many other children in this world who is working for a living from a very small age. If the child understands the difficulties their parents are facing then they will never misuse anything in life. But at the same time the parents should always save for their child so that the child will not have to face the struggles they faced in life.
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