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    Going along with your timeline share your beautiful experiences with Deepavali festival

    Deepavali is one of the most exciting and joyful festival in my childhood days. When new Calendar comes, first we used to search when this festival comes in that year. Children used to plan one month before how to celebrate this festival. We used to prepare a list of what type of crackers to buy for the festival long before the date of festival. Some of the items like Flower Pots, Matabas (large size Pencils), Sisindri's etc. were used to be prepared in large scale by our parents with the help of us. For Rs.15 to Rs. 20 we used to get plenty of crackers and they serve for the whole family to enjoy for several days and even after the festival too . My most favorite festival is Deepavali and few times even though I got high fever I used to enjoy this festival in bursting crackers leaving aside fever. When I am in 4th Class one day before Deepavali I tried to burst Seema tapas simply holding in my hand and unfortunately it burs-ted in my hand. I got lot of burning sensation in my hand and I found it very painful. My parents applied some butter on my hand. But on the next day I have forgotten everything about this and I enjoyed Deepavali as usual. In my opinion Deepavali is one festival which brings unforgettable and un-buyable happiness and courage in children. In my opinion discouraging to celebrate this festival by saying pollution is not correct. Members share your wonderful experiences during your timeline through this thread.
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    Since ours was the big family with 10 persons, and being father the only earning person, one can imagine how the festivities would be in limited scale and yet very enjoyable. My father made a point to stitch clothes on one thaan for all so that no quarrel or difference of opinion comes in between the children. We are made to take bath before the sun rise and he used to gets some flower pots and bhoo chakras and strictly no other crackers. But celebrating Deepavali these days has become very costly as the children wants their own choice and brands of clothes to be work and some times it goes out of budget too. Nevertheless we cannot compare those days with present one. as more preference is given to preparations of sweets and hot items so that it is served much to the family members and also the well wishers who would throng the places to seek the blessings of elders.
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    Deepavali is a very interesting festival for children in my childhood days. We used to start preparation of Matabas, sisinidris and tapas made with tadi leaves at least one month before the festival. My father used to bring empty paper tubes from his office and we used to make matabas in-house. Empty flower pots made of clay we used to purchase from the market and fill the pyrotechnics in the shell. My father used to bring crackers from the nearby city Rajahmundry as he used to go that place on Official work at least once a week. Around five in the evening of Deepavali day, all my brothers and sisters used to start burning the crackers. My mother used to distribute all the varieties equally to all. My sister used to consume very fast and used to request me for some items from my share. I used to go a little share. We used to spend the festival very nicely.
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