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    Deepawali - the festival of lights

    Diwali festival has come. Deepawali in Hindi meaning the group of candles or lights. This festival is called 'festival of lights' because it is celebrated on the darkest night of Amavasya. People over the country celebrate this festival with full vigor and light diyas and candles and also decorate their houses. This festival depicts victory of Good over bad, marks the strength of light over darkness. People say that let your evil thoughts burn with the glow of diyas. People do Laxmi Puja at this festival. Goddess Laxmi is regarded as the God of wealth and prosperity.
    On this day, it is being said that Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya from the 14 years of exile in a forest. He got Sitaji also along with him and defeated demon Ravan. So, to celebrate their return, the people of Ayodhya lighted the lamps and diyas on their way to the kingdom. People were very happy to see their king back and there was the distribution of sweets all through the kingdom. People burn crackers on this day to celebrate. People create rangolis outside their homes. Before a day of diwali we call it 'Choti diwali' and also the day of "Narak Chaudas". I wish this Diwali you all are blessed with happiness and brightness of diyas spread all around you and light up your thoughts.

    Also, do not burn too much of crackers, do not cause pollution. Do that in a limit. Enjoy the festival.

    Happy Diwali guys.
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    Good information shared by the author regarding various religions functions being held on the occasion of Deepavali and surely this is the great Hindu festival of lights and the arrangements for the festivities starts from long before and allocating lump sum funds so that the works wont get hampered. And coming to lights part of it. I prefer the earthen diyas which are natural and also traditional on this occasion. By lighting lamps with diyas the look gets aesthetic and the environs become vibrant with the lighting that emanates from the diyas. I am against those who put powerful lights and serial bulbs on the occasion. Only yesterday I have seen a big house who has permanently arranged the small lights probably to be put in use of great festivities and that looked elegant. But what about power consumption which is wasted for one home ?
    K Mohan
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    Good about Diwali. But you should have said it on 18th . Hope your last paragraph will be complied during next Diwali 2019.

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    Nice post on Diwali, yes the light of lamps on the new moon night signifies light's victory over darkness.People pray to Gods Rama, Krishna, Ganesh, Vishnu and Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Kali. Homes wear a festive look with flowers, earthen lighted lamps and the sweets.

    Yes, we should celebrate festivals more responsibly.

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    The Nice expression about the festival. There was a demon called Narakasura. He is troubling ladies and kings and doing all misdeeds. His activities have become intolerable Then all the devatas went to Vishnumurty and prayed to help them by punishing the Narakasura. Then Krishna wanted to go and fight with him. Then Satyabhama, the wife of Krishna wanted to go with him and he accepted. Both of them went to the battlefield with their supporters and there was a big fight. Satyabhama started fighting with Narakasura and she almost killed the demon. At that particular moment, Lord Krisha used hid chakra and killed the demon. All devatas were happy and celebrated on that day as Naraka Chaturdashi. All the queens who are in prison were released. All the people celebrated the next day of his death by lighting many lights in the evening. They worshipped Goddess Lakshmi Devi and sweets were distributed among themselves. They have shown their joy by lighting many firecrackers. From then onwards this customer has come in our country.
    Consuming too many firecrackers is not advisable. Be careful with kids. Don't leave them alone.

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    #612173 : I agree with your thought Mr. Mohan, "I am against those who put powerful lights and serial bulbs on the occasion." - People should think of power consumption as well, Diyas are the best source to spread the light of diwali. I do not think too much of power is needed.

    #612183 : "But you should have said it on 18th . Hope your last paragraph will be complied during next Diwali 2019."
    I agree with you Mr. Sun, since I could not get time to write up on 18th. I will include more thoughts on it to describe about choti diwali.

    #61220419 : Thank you very much Mr. Rao for explaining the significance of "Narak Chaudas".

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