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    New disease on the prowl. Pain all over the body especially knees, foot and fist wont work.

    For the past two months I am coming across a rare disease which affected the small and elder ones too. That they suffer from the severe pain all over the body especially they cannot hold or catch tight with fist, and their legs wont have the strength as if they are going to fallen down and the foot does not have the strength to keep the right foot forward. The doctors are unable to find out the reason for this rare disease. I call upon the members to report here whether same type of disease also being complained in your area and what is the remedy ?
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    I have not heard of this problem. It is new to me. I heard some viral fevers, infections and joint pains in our area. Maybe I am not aware of this. As the doctors are finding ways for curing diseases, new diseases are cropping up. This may be due to keep the doctors busy and making the people to afraid.
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    Most of them are viral fevers and viral illness related arthralgia ( joint pains) that can affect the young and the old. This is often seen around the same time as Dengue and Chikungunya fevers that come with the monsoons. Given a large number of people with these symptoms, not everyone can get tested and the treatment is more symptomatic not dependent on test results. Most of these viral illnesses that are transmitted by mosquitoes can be traced back to lack of sanitation/garbage disposal and overcrowding.

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    I have not heard about this disease either. May be it is due to viral infections and that might be the cause for joint and knee pain. It is really sad to know about such a disease where you can't stand properly due to the strength issue with the legs.
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