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    Some Tips for Safe and Healthy Deepawali

    Deepawali is a festival of celebration and joy for Indians. Normally, this festival is celebrated by lighting diyas, busting crackers and eating sweets. The joy of this festival will multiply if it is celebrated with due care with regards to crackers and sweets. Daily we watch some or the other crackers related accidents on TV and how some sweet vendors are vitiating the Deepawali sweets.

    The following tips will help you celebrate this festival safely and healthy.
    1. Light Diyas with at most care. These may cause burns. Diyas should be kept in such a way
    that they are not in direct air flow. Diyas should be kept away from inflammable articles like
    curtains and woody parts of windows and doors.
    2. Crackers should be purchased from licensed vendors. Crackers should bear ISI mark. Keep
    crackers in a safe place away from the reach of small kids.
    3. Do not burst crackers in the porch, garage and near vehicles. Burst crackers only in open
    places away from road traffic and common pathways.
    4. Keep your vehicles in garage or some shade.
    5. Children should burst crackers only under strict guidance and supervision of adults. Arial
    crackers like rockets and chimaneys should be avoided. Smokey crackers should be avoided.
    Use goggles and ear gags while busting exploding type of crackers.
    6. While busting crackers, keep blankets, water filled buckets and first-aid box ready and
    handy. These things may be useful in event of accident.
    7. Do not experiment with crackers. Do not try any cracker in hand or from close to the body.
    8. Purchase sweets only from trusted vendors. Avoid sweets made from milk or milk products.
    It would be better to purchase sweets made from dry fruits.
    9. Sweets made at home should be preferred to market sweets.
    10. Do not use loose synthetic clothing.

    Members may add more tips to make this celebration safe and healthy. Happy Deepawali!
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    Nice list of reminders for a happy and safe Diwali. Often children and some adults, in their enthusiasm to burst the crackers get carried away and careless that can lead to burns, eye injuries and temporary ringing sound in the ears.Burst crackers at a safe distance, keep clothes, especially the long trailing ends of silk dresses safely tucked or even better change to a simple dress that is easy to handle while crackers are being lit.

    Keeping an eye on the little ones is important as they keep running around in between, especially when a cracker or a flower pot is just lightened. Keep things handy and in the unfortunate event that injuries happen, please get it treated promptly.
    In apartments, I've noted kids bursting small crackers and sparklers from balconies and corridors. If you are living in an apartment, please ensure kids do not do this as the people below us can be potentially harmed or startled. If you have to burst crackers do it safely so that you enjoy it and others are not at risk.

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    This is a good post. Happy Diwali to all. Today, in fact, we all should celebrate green Diwali. Supreme court banned crackers in Delhi. I like it. Diwali means rows of lights. Diyas can be arranged all around the house. Sweets can be distributed and new clothes can be purchased. But playing with firecrackers is risky. Many unwanted incidents will be reported while preparing, storing and using, So everyone should be careful while using these items. One important note is wearing only cotton dresses and doesn't walk barefoot. After using the fireworks the remnant metal rods should be kept in the corner so that nobody will step on that when it is hot. Try to use some eye protection goggles while lighting crackers. Don't try to hold firepots in hand while they are burning. Don't keep all the crackers outside. Keep them in the house and bring one by one for using. Try to use earplugs so that your ears are not exposed to huge sounds.
    always confident

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