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    Google doodle is celebrating S Chandrasekhar today for his birthday.

    Google is showing in certain countries in its search engine with its doodle dedicated to this astrophysicist S.Chandrasekhar on his 107th birthday.

    The credits to him are a noble prize winner for his Chandrasekar limit.

    And most incredible is he has turned many things to understand even a common men too and most of his findings are now used in space research.

    Whenever we see a day's sun or night's star we should think of him because he only finds about where they came from and where they go. And his invention is after each star attaining 1.44 times of our sun, collapses.

    So google came with a doodle representing this number in it.

    Another interesting feature which always attracts me is of number and dates. Here is also one such thing is his DOB, that is 19101910.
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    Good that the Google is having the tab on the achievements of various Individuals and organizations and celebrating their success of life. I am overwhelmed with today's doodle on Chandrasekhar.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, another great Indian contributor to Astrophysics. In 1935, his theory was laughed at in London, only to be proven correct by computers and in 1972, when the first black hole was identified.

    Incidentally, his paternal uncle was Sir. C.V.Raman, Nobel laureate. Two of his students went on to win Nobel prizes even before his own prize was awarded to him.

    Glad to note that, after his death, his wife has donated the Nobel prize towards a PhD fellowship for deserving students.

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    A great Indian Astrophysicist. Yes, all Indian should remember him whenever we see the sky and the stars. It is very nice to know that on his birthday Google is celebrating in the memory of the scientist
    always confident

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    Subramanyam Chandrasekhar was the wrothy successor and nephew of CV Raman. Although he got settled in the USA, he has made India proud by his lasting contribution in Astrophysics. He should have received Nobel Prize at least ten years earlier.
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