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    Do you dislike show off specially in festival times?

    We have rich, middle class and poor in our society and they have their own living standards as per their financial conditions.

    Some people do a lot of show off to show their standards to their friends and relatives and even to the general public at times. These people do still bigger show off during the festival times when there are ample opportunities to show off your wealth to others.

    Some people feel that this is in bad taste and a scruffiest way of showing ones riches.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    I do not like excessive showing off. But during the festivals, all of us, especially children, remain in celebration mood. We must not disturb this joyous mood by austerity. I mean to say that we must celebrate according to our own financial capacity.
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    Most people do not belong to this group. Based on their abilities they buy clothes, gifts and meet neighbours over a simple pooja by visiting each other's home.Children are usually exuberant during festivals and add charm and laughter to these occasions.

    Some of the 'new rich' often use festivals as an occasion to display their materialistic wealth. Some invite neighbours and talk endlessly about the ornaments, items bought on their trips abroad, new expensive clothes and cars parked strategically so that questions are asked. Some even give personalised gifts that are too expensive for the occasion.Luckily many of us are able to see through this and can stay away.

    Living life by our means and enjoying festivals ensuring that we do not fall prey to loose talk and 'evil eye' by an extravagant display is what many of us do. Happy Diwali.

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    Yes show off during festivities is not required nor solicited. I have seen people spending too much which is not required and hence boast of their spending spree in front of the crowd. Let the celebrations be on average scale not disturbing the others or their enjoying moods. What I feel that when others are living in poor condition we do not have the right to spend more and celebrate as if to these others. Be humble. Get satisfaction on others happiness and that would give you the reason to live in peace. And never spend as the for the sake of others appreciation, Just be you and respect your conscience.
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    Generally, for all important festivals, many families basing on their financial position, purchase new clothes and wear them. They will make special items for eating and everybody will try to be happy to the maximum extent possible. All festivals bring a lot of joy to children. So they all gather together irrespective of their position and play together. They don't have any unnecessary egos basing on their family's financial position. They love each other and play together.
    The question of showing off comes with the elders only. They want to remind their to society whenever a chance comes. There is a saying in Telugu. A banana leaf with full of various food items will never fly. So really people who are rich and good will never try to show off their position. Only who are newly rich will have this quality. I am against this show-off. We all know that as we become big, we should be very good with others and respect others.

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    If somebody has a large house, he may decide to light it up with bulbs from the roof to the ground, even across the trees and the boundary wall. He has the space, too, to host a Diwali get-together for relatives and friends. In the eyes of somebody else, it may be showing off. A full lighted home looks like overkill. A get together will be termed by others as a wasteful bash. For that person, though, it is just his usual way of celebrating a festival. What looks to us as ostentatious is likely something conventional for him, something done generally year after year. Let's not be judgemental.
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